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  1. George Sancti

    Round 19 v Titans

    I like the selections of Josh Kerr at prop and Mat Feagai on the wing. I can also see Anthony Griffin possibly starting with Bird at five eight, Jack de Belin in the back row and Sullivan coming off the bench.
  2. George Sancti

    Tyrell Sloan

    Dufty would have trouble with a rampaging David Fifita. However, I think Norman and the young blokes may struggle as well. Whoever plays five eight will require a well conceived game plan.
  3. George Sancti

    Tyrell Sloan

    You may be right OED. I would put Dufty at five eight primarily for his passing game. I feel that he would give our outside backs good service and possibly bring the fullback into the line more effectively.
  4. George Sancti

    Tyrell Sloan

    As we are still in the contest, I believe we need to field the team that will give us the best chance of playing finals this year. As much as I would like to see Sullivan given the opportunity at five eight, his injuries and lack of game time would make it very difficult for him to play the 80...
  5. George Sancti

    Round 18 vs Sea Eagles

    Unfortunately, the first time around, I tend to miss large chunks of the game. I have a habit of flicking to other channels when there is bad mistake and I cannot watch replays of opposition tries, especially when the opposition is Manly.
  6. George Sancti

    Round 18 vs Sea Eagles

    After looking at the replay today, I feel that not all is lost, but it will require an enormous effort to make the finals. Hunt and Sims faded in the second half which is understandable and they probably should have been rested. De Belin gave all he had during the first twenty minutes and tried...
  7. George Sancti

    Dragons statement: Player breach

    100% agree with above feelings regarding some of these so called journalists. A good journalist should report the facts clearly and truthfully. Not create fiction or twist the facts to support a particular story line.
  8. George Sancti

    Matt Dufty

    I expect that it came down to which one of Dufty, Ramsey or Sloan the recruitment and retention committee considered has the least remaining improvement. If that was the case, I can not argue with their decision.
  9. George Sancti

    The Rumours Thread

    If the reports are correct that we have signed both Jaydn Su’A and George Burgess, I would like to see Ryan Webb throw whatever is left in the war chest at Brandon Smith with a written guarantee that he will be our starting dummy half.
  10. George Sancti

    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    After all of the terrible press that we have received over the past week, it is very promising that the club is actively pursuing quality recruits. It is even better news that the players appear to be happy to transfer to the Dragons on reportedly reasonable contracts. I could not have envisaged...
  11. George Sancti

    Dragons sign Jaydn Su’A.

    Great signing !! A couple more and we may come out of this mess looking good for 2022.
  12. George Sancti

    Dragons statement: Player breach

    I have been thinking along similar lines all day GS. I am amazed that there was not one senior player, who has the respect of other players, and who could have envisaged the potential risks, and have discouraged others from attending.
  13. George Sancti

    Dragons statement: Player breach

    Without knowing the full story I will hold off on suggesting a punishment. However, I suspect that the situation will be a case of gross stupidity as opposed to a conspiracy to secure a release of Paul Vaughan from his contract. Surely the likes of Zac Lomax and Blake Lawrie would not...
  14. George Sancti

    Round 16 vs Warriors

    I thought both Cody Ramsey and Gerard Beale played well last night. Regarding Beale, I was very opposed to his signing but I am pleased to have been proven wrong. I actually feel that he is playing better this time around than he did during his first stint at the Dragons.
  15. George Sancti

    Round 16 vs Warriors

    The Warriors were very poor and we should have beaten them by at least three converted tries. The positives for me were Ben Hunt, Paul Vaughan and the fact that we did not roll over when we fell behind by 12.
  16. George Sancti


    I like the concept of a player mentor system possm. Some companies implement a similar practice where senior members of staff help graduates with their professional development. From my experience only about a half to a third of young people see value in the mentor system and want to be part of...
  17. George Sancti

    1988 NSWRL Panasonic Cup Final - Balmain Tigers v St George Dragons

    Thanks Blue Bags, I cannot believe that game was 33 years ago !!
  18. George Sancti

    The Rumours Thread

    Whilst I am hopeful of picking up TPJ, I would not like it to be at the expense of loosing Paul Vaughan. Paul Vaughan has been one of the best recruits that we have managed attract over the past decade. He has represented at the highest level and he consistently gives his best even when former...
  19. George Sancti

    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    TPJ would be a very good acquisition, provided we play him as a prop. He is tough, has an offload and can be damaging in both attack and defense. With the speed of the game now, I don't see him as a back rower, plus there may be some resistance if they try to change his style of play too much.
  20. George Sancti

    Tyrell Sloan

    He definitely looks likely in attack Dragon Mel. And I believe his defensive efforts were quite good for a 19 year old.

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