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    2016 NFL draft thread

    Eagles draft was very meh for mine. It was always going to be losing all those picks for Wentz & the Bradford deal. Be interesting to see how the RB rotation works this coming season
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    2016 dark horse?

    My dark horses would be the Giants & Jaguars. Both had a really good off season and draft and could really string it together
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    NFL Offseason Rumours and Updates

    A QB who has made over $100 million dollars and never had a winning season in his pro career holding out of Mini Camp because he feels slighted by the move to get a QB. f**k off you kent
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    NFL Offseason Rumours and Updates

    Reuben Randle signed a one year prove it deal with the Eagles. Better than Cooper or Austin and sweet FA in guarantees so all good
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    NFL Offseason Rumours and Updates

    Nolan Carroll re-signing is good news. Takes pressure off a DB reach and gives real flexibility to trade back if they feel the value is there. Nick Fairley would be a good get if they pull it off too. DB situation in Philly looks decent. If JaCorey Shepherd picks up where he left off...
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    NFL Offseason Rumours and Updates

    15 yard penalty machine Brandon Browner back on the market
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    NFL Offseason Rumours and Updates

    Chipper & Thad. I would watch that show
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    NFL Offseason Rumours and Updates

    Nigel Bradham now agreed to terms as well. Corner remains an interesting situation. Jacorey Shepherd flashed huge before injury but preseason counts for little
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    NFL Offseason Rumours and Updates

    I am enjoying the Eagles FA period. Picking up a big bodied road grading guard like Brooks and moving up while dumping white elephant contracts. I really hope if he is there the Eagles take Ezekiel Elliott. Rodney McLeod as a safety duo with Jenkins makes me more than a little happy too
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    Chip Kelly fired

    Very true but I give Kiko a bit of a pass for missing all of last season. If he were a seasoned vet and did it I would be more concerned. Davis is a certain fire you would think
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    Chip Kelly fired

    A bit disappointed Chip probably needs this to alter his approach a little into being a better head coach. Obvious needs to address for Eagles are a WR, Guard and the secondary. I have high hopes for Hicks and Alonso as a ILB combination. Kendricks regressed horribly this season
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    Week 14 Discussion

    Such a douche canoe
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    Week 13 discussion

    Weak divisions are funny things. The NFC south was a dumpster fire last season but come playoffs you never do know Took a lazy speculator on Eagles at the widest margin. So a bit filthy over the end of the game. But hey. A win is a win
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    Sources: Rams receiver Bailey shot in head

    Jesus. That is brutal
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    Week 11 discussion

    Eagles look uglier every single game. Sanchez was Sanchez. The questionable defensive scheming and blown assignments seem to stay the constant as the year goes on as well
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    Week 9 Discussion

    Jordan Hicks placed on IR
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    Week 9 Discussion

    That PI call......ugh. So the Cowboys haven't won a game with Hardy yet correct?
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    Week 6 Discussion

    Carroll and Hicks again providing some real bright spots this season
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    NFL Survivor :: Mk II

    In that case i am taking the Titans
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    NFL Survivor :: Mk II

    Bugger. Was looking for a new thread. Didn't see this. probably would have taken Atlanta anyway