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  1. ellskimore

    Matt Dufty

    Fantastic support play.
  2. ellskimore


    Griffin must have impressed in his job interview when he told the board he would turn the Dragons into the super successful 2010 Brisbane Broncos.
  3. ellskimore

    Please Don't sack Seibold

    We can talk about Darius being in the leadership group and what that means for the team. I’m laughing harder at the fact Pangai Jr is in there. Lol who makes these decisions?
  4. ellskimore

    OK I'll say it

    Every team wishes they had their own James Graham. I was ecstatic when he signed on for us. The lift he gives to his teammates is unparalleled.
  5. ellskimore

    3 2 1 vs Broncos

    3 - Widdop 2 - Hunt 1 - JDBeast
  6. ellskimore

    The Cowboys are destroying Thurston's legacy

    You're looking at this wrong. What this has proved is that Michael Morgan will also be an immortal.
  7. ellskimore

    Sack Doust poll

    With their season on the line, Manly played in front of their own raucous home crowd and delivered. With our season on the line we gave up our home ground advantage to our opposition and meekly fell out of the competition. I have always hated this "Right game, right venue" bullshit. This...
  8. ellskimore

    Great Kogarah Moments

    Going to a game with my mum when I would have only been about 10 years old. Playing against the Raiders. It was the Mundine and Blacklock show. We win the match 44-2. Mundine front flip. Blacklock backflip. As a kid I couldn't understand why anyone would support another team. Found it here
  9. ellskimore


    The other thing to consider is that it generates uncertainty from the opposition players marking him. They know he can flick pass so effectively that it creates a doubt in their mind whether to come in or stay out.
  10. ellskimore

    Should The Dragons Sign Madge As Coach?

    Yeah let's kill team morale.
  11. ellskimore

    24 Hour NRL channel

    Yep. That definitely hit me. I really feel for him.
  12. ellskimore

    Sam Kasiano

    You could make a great highlights video from Kasiano's career. It's the stuff outside of that which worries me. There is a reason the Dogs use him as a short minute impact prop and nothing more.
  13. ellskimore


    Fair enough.
  14. ellskimore


    As soon as this thread came up I knew that BennyV would take it as a personal insult.
  15. ellskimore


    Absolutely perplexed that Dugan could still be considered destabilising to club culture...
  16. ellskimore

    Rumoured Signings

    Yeah let's rip on Newcastle for doing all they can to purchase players in a system that is much easier for other clubs.
  17. ellskimore

    Is Ryan James a Qlder?

    Should be one of the starting front rowers for NSW imho.
  18. ellskimore

    Sack mcgregor

    I feel stupider for reading this.
  19. ellskimore

    Tedesco rumour

    Because as far as I'm concerned in the NRL he is the second coming of Jesus.