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    News Coronavirus and NRL

    The real threat to the comp is what is happening in NSW. I say that as an outsider. I see a lot of focus is on the QLD situation. However, the Delta variant, if NSW cannot get it under control, will ultimately breach borders Australia wide. That is it's pattern all over the world. The top...
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    Greatest EVER Kiwi? Greatest EVER Warrior?

    Mark Graham. Stacey for the Warriors. Without Jones there is no minor premiership. Today it is rare to watch a Warriors team and think our game breaker could get us back into this twenty behind, Stacey could do that he was so determined and talented.
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    3-2-1 v Tigers

    I have the same rankings. Make mine a double ta.
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    Southern Orcas (NZ2)

    Life long Auckland Rugby League supporter here. I would welcome a 2nd franchise with open arms and they would have my full support. In fact I would give them more support than the Warriors who have failed to deliver for so long, that I am keen to support any NZ franchise without a hint of...
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    3-2-1 v Panthers

    Lodge AFB Chad. Thought our structures looked heaps better with Chad back. Lot of people criticizing Chad on other forums for fifth tackle fails. I think they must not realise that the moment the Warriors put a non half next to Chad, and ran him out there injured, that Chad was going to play...
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    3-2-1 v Sharks

    Probably too late but this was my lot. 3. SOS we would have won that game had Kodi lifted his little finger and backed the guy up, great kicking game, he has stuff all NRL experience, I do not get why people think CHT needs a year to develop and SOS does not...very young player too. 2. Lodge...
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    Lodge has since been quoted in an article posted on another Warriors website. He confirmed that the Warriors paid less than half of his Broncos contract....from the horses mouth as it were. His exact words were along the lines of just under half. So that would be in the 400K range. Bearing...
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    Team v Sharks

    Tiny back row due to injuries. Solution? Roll out one of the biggest benches in Warrior history. I love it. Siro will cover the backline... Looks like we are going to go out there and thump the Sharks through the mega prop rolling thunder from the bench. BMM will be live again with being...
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    Sack Nathan Brown

    Brown is doing his job. He was hired because no one else wanted it, including Brown who turned the gig down when offered it....after he came and spent time here as an observer. The only realistic option on the table is Mad Geoff Toovey. Otherwise if you sack Brown, you will get a New Zealand...
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    Team v Sharks

    The old culture chestnut. I thought that was probably the go for years. Then I remembered playing for all Polynesian sports teams, talking is not an issue in a confident brown side. More likely the reason there is a lack of talk, is that our blokes do not know what to call. Fix that and I bet...
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    3-2-1 v Dragons

    3. Montoya, what a bargain 2. Katoa, unlucky to get injured. 1. Chad. Thought he played really well overall for a new start and running on one shoulder. Drop goal undid all that good work...almost...the shoulder though....that was Cronk-esque
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    Cap space. That club is a mess with too much money invested in too few players, akin to what we did with Roger, Shaun, Tohu, Ken, and Fus tying up nearly three million dollars of the Warriors cap. 800lK tied up in a prop....a hang over from the old model of spending the bulk on Props...
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    I get it. I don't think there is anything wrong with being ambivalent. I was really just pointing out that is is harder to see the good in someones game when you do not like the person period. I am pretty wary of people and tend to avoid people with issues in my private life where I can...
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    2021 R16 Fri - Warriors 18-19* St Geo Illa @ Central Coast

    Yeah but you are playing the Warriors. Most unfairly treated team in the NRL closely followed by the Titans.
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    Broncos are paying half according to the media which is why it is such a short contract with us. Amazing wheeling and dealing by POS this year.
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    I am really happy about it. I used to work with hardened Crims in lock up for a very long time, decades, so in the scheme of things, people get a bit mixed up on the realities of the real world. People screw up. People who are wasted screw up large. The whole point of punishment and recovery...
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    Shaun Johnson signs for 2022

    Inferior junior and club leagues not withstanding SJ being from touch is a real problem. Jones was the last organiser the Warriors developed in house, however he was special, played that way from the craddle. This problem of organizing halves is not just restricted to the NZ...
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    Shaun Johnson signs for 2022

    I was never a fanboi. Even back in his under twenties days, there were a few things about his play that I could never reconcile what we got out of him with the million dollar price tag. But he is one of ours, so when he went to the Sharks I kept following him, because I knew he was an...
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    Maumalo gone

    Well we can safely say he will go hard for the Tigers. I will watch him this year. Ken is very good when he has a skilled center and his confidence is up....I really want to see this guy smiling again, He cuts a very sad figure when his confidence is low. He just needs to get on a roll with...
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    Warriors set to return to Mt Smart.

    I am happy we look to have pulled off a surprising home trip in the time of Covid. Now all we need is for Covid to come to the party...ah yeah sometimes these little sayings are all wrong...context...its about context. I hear it is almost completely sold out...and so it will be a complete sold...