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  1. epDragon62

    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    Crazy, you are...
  2. epDragon62

    Tariq Sims

    Beast mode last night
  3. epDragon62


    McGregor: you were with it.
  4. epDragon62

    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    In the flesh this kid just looks like he belongs. Exciting prospect.
  5. epDragon62

    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    At least this cumquat has a knack of closing out some games...
  6. epDragon62


    Interesting that Sowie, on his Sweet And Soward podcast mentions that Saints ought to be looking at Hynes given that Dufty won't be there. However, I'm not suggesting he knows anything about recruitment.
  7. epDragon62

    It’s time to go ...

    Vaughan has been good this year, not as an impact player off the bench. Last night or forwards lacked punch. JDB, McGuire and Fuimaiono would've been good to have last night, together with Kerr off the bench.
  8. epDragon62

    Jack De Belin

    Respectfully, "annoying" is not suitable as a description of the police conduct.
  9. epDragon62

    New rule

    I don't often agree with you Gitano but most of what you say here I do. Can't pass up on the game as I just don't enjoy other sports as much as league.
  10. epDragon62

    Jack De Belin

    Wow, just wow ... if that is true. Even if JDB gets off I'm no fan of the behaviour, but seriously how many other players who have not been so publicly examined need counselling more than him at this point in time??
  11. epDragon62

    Jason Saab

    I feel sorry for JP; Seems a really decent young man who tries incredibly hard. If he had more speed need be great.
  12. epDragon62

    New rule

    I wouldn't mind if old-fashioned legs tackles were rewarded.
  13. epDragon62

    Round 8 v Tigers

    To be fair Hunt needed a game back; hopefully next week he is in better knick
  14. epDragon62

    Shoulder Charge Inconsistency

    No, that won't happen
  15. epDragon62

    Round 8 v Tigers

    What impressed you? I was disappointed but forgiving as it was his first hitout with our NRL side.
  16. epDragon62

    Round 7 vs Roosters

    I often wonder if you actually think there is a chance of your selections being adopted, can't see positional switches happening at all.
  17. epDragon62

    Billy Burns

    Defence is his area of improvement.
  18. epDragon62

    Dragons re-sign Mikaele Ravalawa

    Hmmm, no, too much damage done in general by the McG days for me to be that magnanimous.
  19. epDragon62

    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    I'm very excited :D