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    Back to the future with Gerard Beale

    Is Beale the only Saints player playing this week who has a GF ring?
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    Matt Dufty

    Agree with your sentiments denis but I am concerned about showing him the door. There must be more to it but we can forget Hynes…..he has supposedly already verbally agreed to become a Bronco and Pappy has resigned with the Storm. Who else? I know people might point to the Cronulla fullback...
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    Is 2021 hanging by a thread?

    I think two games have stuffed us …..the game we lost to the Warriors and our disaster against Melbourne. We don’t have the depth with so many out. Tenth.
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    Matt Dufty

    I remember not too many years ago that the Forum was chanting for the new ‘gun’, Matt Dufty. He was going to be our saviour. He has some deficiencies so we now want our gun gone. Pity. I’m sure we will replace him with someone who can score and set up just as many tries….??? And we have a good...
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    Matt Dufty

    Both Dufty and Ramsey get rag dolled when running the ball back. They look like they will be broken in half. Neither have any physicality about them.
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    Matt Dufty

    Pereira played well and made tough metres with the ball. A gutsy player
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    Matt Dufty

    Ramsey played well tonight but he does not seem to have the explosive pace of Dufty. We needed Dufty tonight.
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    Round 11 v Sharks

    As Jeffdragon said the lost points hurt the most but the side deserved more tonight. I understand the disappointment but we had at least 9 players out who could have been part of our side tonight. We only had 46% of the possession and lost three players to injury during the game. Yet we should...
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    Round 10 vs Storm

    Peter V has got carried away. Has become a dictator who loves seeing his name in the paper. Protect the head yes, ruin the game no. Rava’s tackle was stupid but was low and certainly not dangerous but he is out for another two weeks. Scored three great tries but has to learn quickly about his...
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    Matt Dufty

    God wasn’t our attack useless once Dufty went off ?
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    Round 11 v Sharks

    If Max F plays this week I hope he remembers how to complete a tackle. He missed tackle after tackle.
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    Round 9 vs Dogs

    Dufty let us down again...?
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    Rorters getting special treatment

    It’s funny when you think of how players were treated in the past. Craig Smith 8 weeks for allegedly running with raised knees,Leenane 20 weeks for a bite and Rava gets 3 weeks for his semi shoulder charge and Brown, we are told, will get 3 weeks for the knee in the kidneys that put a player in...
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    Adam Clune

    Although I greatly admire Clune’s grit and persistence and some of Norman’s natural ability, if our future at 5/8 this year revolves around either of Clune or Norman, we are stuffed. Those advocating Amone should not forget he played SGBall last week. I would like to see him get a few runs from...
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    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    I would go for Hynes as well. He is physically strong and has pace, not Dufty pace but reasonable. His ball playing ability has been on show in his last few appearances and he can play more than one position, but he will always be a second string fullback at the Storm. It would be good if we got...
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    Round 9 vs Dogs

    I understand why people are bringing up Ford or Burns to be in the centres this week but Burns was simply outpaced time and time again and the new rules at work in today’s game make it very difficult to use a forward in a backline. Mind you I’m pretty worried about Bird at the moment. He is...
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    Round 8 v Tigers

    Unfortunately I don’t know how we can make big changes, Rava, JP and Lomax definitely out and given the difficulty in overcoming rib injuries are I think Ramsey will be out as well. Burns is no centre and only Ford could come into the pack. Don’t forget we have one player also on report...
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    Ponga is streets above other players in ability but he is not a dominant player too often. For all his defects, and there are some glaring ones, Dufty has scored more tries and provided more try assists over the last two years than Ponga has. Ponga has more talent than Dufty hands down, but like...
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    we are NOT the Real Deal!!

    Glad to know it was only Dufty’s fault again…phew I thought a number of our players were uninspiring. Pleased the loss can be put down to the Duff.
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    we are NOT the Real Deal!!

    Glad to know it was only Dufty’s fault again…phew I thought a number of our players were uninspiring. Pleased the loss can be put down to the Duff.