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    2021 R6 Fri - Melbourne 20-4 Sydney @ AAMI

    Pappenhausen and Tuivasa - Shek are the best fullbacks in the NRL. Tedesco is very good but when his team is down and needs a spark, he doesn't deliver. It would've been hard for any team to beat the Storm tonight but when you're praised like Tedesco is and you play at the back of a very good...

    2020 R2 Sun - Titans 6-46 Eels @ Cbus Super

    I don't know if this virus thing has got me really depressed but thats the funniest thing I've heard in awhile.

    2020 R2 Sat - Sharks 10-12 Storm @ Netstrata Jubilee

    That is easily the dumbest 2nd half performance from the Sharks, I've seen in awhile. Diabolical is the tip of the iceberg.

    2020 R2 Sat - Sharks 10-12 Storm @ Netstrata Jubilee

    Johnson needs to be investigated for probable game fixing. It's like he's trying to lose the game on purpose for his team

    2020 R2 Sat - Roosters 8-9 Sea Eagles @ Leichhardt

    Did someone pull Vosses pants down? cos he's at his cringy best tonight

    2020 R1 Sat - Knights 20-0 Warriors @ McDonald Jones

    LOL@ Maumalo at the end when he puts his hands up in disbelief they couldn't get to him. When they give him one on one with his opposite, he gets tackled everytime. Overrated proper shithouse winger.

    Kiwis vs Aussie 25th October 2019

    This is a shit kiwis side.

    Kiwis vs Aussie 25th October 2019

    Ken the line breaker Maumalo couldnt get out.

    World 9's 2019

    First ever world 9s is it? In Australia too. Theres no way NZ was going to win it. Refs would see to that.

    Rumor Mill

    I knew I was going to cop some flak but I believe he's matured from his past. I honestly just wondered what happened to him and I checked out his age and figured he'd be in his twilight years. You dont want to go out like Carney did so you'd want redemption. A stint with us could be his chance...

    Rumor Mill

    Todd Carney. If your career is already dead then there should be no harm in coming to the cemetery for players which is the Warriors. I'd throw him a life line because he's older now and he's done his time but he's probably got a year or two left in him. Partner him up with Nikorima or Green...

    NRL Finals 2019

    IMO Cronk, at some stage, anticipated Papalii running at him. In the last quarter during the Raiders onslaught of the Roosters in their own half, they couldn't get a storming Papalii 10 meters out from the try line. The one time the Raiders did, they managed a mismatch of Papalii on Cronk. Cronk...

    Mystery surrounds Corvo departure.

    Corvo, the trainer of this years Warriors sucked just as bad as the Warriors did this year. Before Corvo came, some were saying 'oh were going to be in better shape now...were going to be mean' and what happened? useless. Theres a reason why the great Corvo was out of a job when we picked him...

    NRL Finals 2019

    Like I've said all along, if we ever make the grand finals and we are the better team and are actually winning that game, in the end, we will never win because the aussie refs will make sure that a kiwi team never wins the NRL premiership. Twice the Raiders got f**ked over by the refs. Right at...

    Kata to Brumbies.

    Kata was more suited to league. He has limited ball playing skills and now he's going to a sport where you need to keep the ball alive. Even as an outside back he will struggle with the pace and under the high ball. Should've looked at ESL.

    2019 FW3 Fri - Raiders 16-10 Rabbitohs @ GIO

    @Rhyno Raiders season over? Lol, you never EVER have any idea do you lol

    2019 FW3 Fri - Raiders 16-10 Rabbitohs @ GIO

    Best prop in the game Papa power