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  1. possm

    Matt Dufty

    Dufty has been told he is not needed for season 2022 and beyond for reasons known to most Saints followers. Who will take his place is still unknown to us however, I assume Griffin has the answer. Like with Norman, Dufty is being selected because right now there is no player better at the Club...
  2. possm

    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    Molo would be great off the bench however, we need a beast to partner Vaughan in the run-on 13. The fourth prop will be whoever is the in-form player at the time but most probably Lawrie. So in reserve grade, we would have Alvaro, Faamausili, Ellis, Ford, Burns, McGuire. Surely whoever is...
  3. possm

    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    I'd say Kerr's time as an edge forward is coming to end. Back to the prop rotation or off to another club. Our back-row depth will be burns and Ford; though I would like to see Fui retained if possible. I suppose it all depends on cap space. However, surely Beale, William, and Runciman would be...
  4. possm

    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    The next stage of our management clean-out has to be the moving on of Millward and Horan. Griffin needs some clever staff around him that can pull off the big signings. The Dragons need someone who can sell our plan for the future. Two more noses out of the trough!
  5. possm

    Jack Is Back!

    I've said all along that the NRL should take financial responsibility for their no-fault stand-down policy. It is obvious that they should and I am sure that there are negotiations currently being held behind the scenes to compensate De Belin and the Dragons for their loss. I would not be...
  6. possm

    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    In my opinion, our best back row is Sims, Bird, and De Belin. Our best centre pairing is Lomax and Max Feagai. So I'm not sure where Fue fits in and because he is off-contract, Hook has to decide if he wants him as a depth player or if he needs the cap instead.
  7. possm

    Matt Dufty

    Why judge him over the past two years? Why not the last game, much more convenient? Dufty is gone so, let's get over it. He will be replaced with a player that will be an all-rounder with flashes of brilliance in attack and solid defence at the back.
  8. possm

    Matt Dufty

    Dragons won't keep Dufty or Norman. Pereira and Ellis also on their way. I will be keeping my good eye on Steward, our reserve grade fullback this week. He has be going great guns and looks to have the goods. I feel sure we have the replacement for Dufty within our junior ranks. It could be...
  9. possm

    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    So which players do you think we are moving on? I think we all know a couple that are on their way or should be on their way.
  10. possm

    Matt Dufty

    My tip is that Dufty will end up at the Broncos. I just wish him the best of luck and hope it all works out well for him. For the Dragons, we need to sort out our forward pack and bring through players like Sloan, Schiller, and Stewart; hopefully one of which will end up being our long-term...
  11. possm

    Corey Norman

    It's time for Norman to be dropped to reserve grade. Give Amone a go and see how he performs.
  12. possm

    Forum Upgrade

    I am vision impaired and find it hard to see the light green with white text 'New' post label against the white page. Is it possible to increase the contrast of this to dark green background? Also I was using the blue text colour before this change, is it possible to add 'blue' to the text...
  13. possm

    Round 13 v The Stone Poneys

    So many said the same about Griffin with regards to McCullough replacing McInnes. Now McCullough leading the NRL tackle count and providing good service around the ruck.
  14. possm


    But what is relevant is who is linking us to those players. I do not belive any of them will be at the Dragons however, I think that Burgess would be a good run on prop with Vaughan.
  15. possm

    Canterbury Cup and Jersey Flegg

    Maybe in order to qualify for finals.
  16. possm

    Matt Dufty

    My tip is that he will go to ESL if the covid problem is over.
  17. possm


    Once his contract is up, I hope Millward gets the flick. We could do so much better with recruitment.
  18. possm

    Izack Tago - Panthers Second Rower

    I agree but Griffin must think he can do something with Kerr. I think our first choice backrow should be: 11. Sims 12. Bird 13. De Belin Backups: Ford, Burns, Fui. (reserve grade) Kerr should be back in the prop rotation and hopefully we get a top line prop to partner Vaughan in the run on...
  19. possm


    I think it likely that in 2022, it will be: 1. Sloan 2. Ramsey 3. Schiller or Max Feagai 4. Lomax 5. Ravalawa or Matt Feagai 6. Sullivan or Amone 7. Hunt 8. New prop 9. B Smith hopefully 10. Vaughan 11. T Sims 12. Bird 13. De Belin 14. Wishart 15. Molo 16. Lawrie 17. Fui or Ford or...
  20. possm

    Billy Smith

    those were the days my friend mary hopkins