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  1. Card Shark

    The next 5 games ... and then the last 6

    That’s a pretty easy draw. 4 of the next 5 away is a worry. That has been a problem for a while.
  2. Card Shark

    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    Missed the first half, watched the 2nd. They had everything go their way, which can happen. Despite their SOO absences, we did well to regain our composure & get the job done. Wins like that are character building, just like the dodgy Dragons victory that turned our season.
  3. Card Shark

    The weekly player vilification thread - GAME DAY THREAD vs Titans

    It sure did...The Hoey Moey was great, especially when the players turned up there.
  4. Card Shark

    The weekly player vilification thread - GAME DAY THREAD vs Titans

    I have a good feeling too, after getting the monkey off the back last week. Came up for the game, looking forward to the day.
  5. Card Shark

    GAME DAY vs the Pennie Panthers.

    i make a habit of not reading / listening to / watching the press, they are all full of shit if you ask me? What is the name of the podcast? Speaking of not watching the press, I thought this was finally supposed to be a free to air game? What the f**k happened?
  6. Card Shark

    GAME DAY vs the Pennie Panthers.

  7. Card Shark

    GAME DAY vs the Pennie Panthers.

    You’d know more than me BBB but the way we have played since he left would suggest otherwise.
  8. Card Shark

    GAME DAY vs the Pennie Panthers.

    A Awesome effort
  9. Card Shark

    This spoon

    By whom?
  10. Card Shark

    Game Day vs. Dogs

    Agree totally. The ONLY time I watch TV each week is to watch the Sharks. I fortunately didn’t this week as I knew after what had happened the past 2 weeks culminating in the heartbreaking loss to Newcastle, we were going to be as flat as a tack. I cannot blame the players. In the NRL if you...
  11. Card Shark

    Welcome Fitzy

    I haven’t been following this shit, I think it’s ridiculous not giving Morris another 2 years but replacing him with a virgin coach...but whatever.... I thought it must be straight away but then I see Josh Hannah as caretaker?? They can’t be serious! What a way to f**k a season!!
  12. Card Shark

    Welcome Fitzy

    Well I’ll be f**ked.....
  13. Card Shark

    Welcome Fitzy

    Exactly! We’ve spent 2+ years establishing a first time coach who I’d argue has great results considering what he was left with under the salary cap...& we replace him with another first year coach. Go figure....
  14. Card Shark

    Game Day V's Rorters

    No. We will get better & learn to close out those games. They are pretty good teams you mention.
  15. Card Shark

    Game Day V's Rorters

    Great performance, unfortunate result. We are the real deal!
  16. Card Shark

    2021 other games...

    Could get very messy for the bulldogs by the Storm!
  17. Card Shark

    Game Day V's Rorters

    Sorry mate, I sorta know where you are coming from, but that’s chalk & cheese.
  18. Card Shark

    Sharks veteran sends warning over coach’s contract uncertainty

    Another media beat up. Morris will be coaching us next year & beyond. Woods would have best shut his mouth, if he said anything at was probably misconstrued. I pay zero attention to the media.