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  1. shadowboxer

    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    Solid effort - the game day thread that is. Limited slitting and almost positive. Enjoyable game for most part, just annoyed no one got sent off for making Charlie Staine cry. Is it just me or is that bloke a massive flog
  2. shadowboxer

    Jets v Raiders team list

    Cold but sunny afternoon - that’s the highlight. Beer was good too. Chad should maybe spend the next moment in time maybe walking to Townsville for charity. Ordinary
  3. shadowboxer

    Team v Pennies

    Don’t give two fuggs who plays, just want to see some effort instead of a shellacking like half the nrl comp gets week in week out. As far as the top 8 goes, a nice to have, if not what ever. Under no illusions, there are only a few teams with a shot in 2021, and we ain’t it
  4. shadowboxer

    Jets v Raiders team list

    Off the pace but showing signs of being middle of the road. Hopefully, the suns out this weekend
  5. shadowboxer

    Johnson or Moylan..?

    Moylan & Johnson Tango & Cash.
  6. shadowboxer

    Flanno Snr on Finchy’s Podcast

    Just sad really. When I saw him on those betting adverts, I knew he was goneski again.
  7. shadowboxer

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Did Buzz write that or the publican at Caringbah Inn on the back of a coaster - dead set dribble
  8. shadowboxer

    Player walkout...

    I was wondering how many forum posters have walked out over Morris
  9. shadowboxer

    2021 other games...

    Don’t mention the “M” it will start a keyboard war with the Morris mob of “M”
  10. shadowboxer

    2021 other games...

    Griffin is creating the old boys club - you know the one where they stand around a chew Hubba Bubba, look angry and talk in some jibber language like a vet effected by agent orange. Duffy doesn’t fit - be keen to see where he ends up. Griffin going old school and won’t go back on his decision.
  11. shadowboxer


    Couldn’t of been Morris Minor - his mobile but it was switched to silent. Only on vibrate for Chad
  12. shadowboxer

    2021 other games...

    Game of dumb and dumber. Wonder if the coach most boring man in the world Griffin will backflip on his Duffy boycott
  13. shadowboxer

    Observation infinity

    Wouldn’t have expected anything different really - god help us if we lose 2 Games on the trot next year, “Bring back Johnny” calls all round. Mediocrity be gone
  14. shadowboxer

    Observation infinity

    From the moment the talked and then signed Fitz- the momentum changed for the better. A gamble? Yeah but a bloody good one. Finally after years of plodding and being the bridesmaid in so many facets - we are being bloody ruthless and trying to rise above the mediocre. I was a season seat holder...
  15. shadowboxer

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Playing okay is one thing if your playing week in week out, but SJ is a even bet to play week in week out. Can’t get any cohension with him. Moylan would be considered lucky to stay but SJ, his attitude has been fair at best and sees himself as a gun for hire. He won’t lose any sleep jumping...
  16. shadowboxer

    Aaron Woods

    Flog Of the highest order. Goes the full hardarse grunge-y look and probally listens to nickelback. Another bullet dodged - sure Morris would have resigned one of his senior brains trust, when really he is just one of the boys
  17. shadowboxer

    Player walkout...

    Happy to see him go to Brisbane on massive money - go for it Kevvie
  18. shadowboxer

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    And that whimpering is usually coming from the muddy woolooware shores of Botany Bay. How refreshing it ain’t for a change. Long time coming
  19. shadowboxer

    Observation 7

    He will always have the petition
  20. shadowboxer

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Bigger tick :white_check_mark::white_check_mark: Than the Reynolds tick Well done Sharks management