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    3-2-1 Round 3 vs Souths

    3. De Belin 2. Dugan 1. Aitken
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    Tigers Tonght

    At last someone with their eyes open and looking at the big picture.
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    3-2-1 Round 1 vs Melbourne

    3. Mathews 2. Ah Mau 1. Packer
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    2016 dragons finishing position

    Paul Kent has the Sharks as Premiers, 1. What's he been smoking?, 2. That's the funniest thing I've read ever.
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    2016 predictions

    There's already a stack of pressure on the Broncs, not 'that it would bother them too much. Orign may screw them as it's a long season. The Shonks have a reasonable team but have no debth and any significant injuries will see the end of them. Expect both the Rorters and Bunnies to slide...
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    James Roberts

    The Mole has just tweeted that the Dragons are now OUT of the race to sign Roberts.
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    St George Illawarra Dragons dominate at NRL Community Awards

    Agree, terrible news Dousty has to go this time enough is enough.
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    3 2 1 v Penrith

    3 De Belin 2. Cooper 1 widdop
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    3 2 1 v NZ

    3. Rein 2. Au Mau 1. Widdop
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    TUPOU coming WIDDOP going

    50%. Dont f*#king exaggerate.
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    3 2 1 v Eels

    3. Creagh 2. Aitken 1. Dugan
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    Five things we learned vs the eels

    1. Flo was out 2. DeBelin was out 3. Rein was out 4. They won't let Packer play. 5. A reliable goal kicker was out and has been all season.
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    Dave Taylor?

    According to Zero Tackle apparently being shopped around by the Titans. I know he has an outstanding court case, but at his best is a very damagaing ball runner. Thoughts?
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    NABULI thank you for the memories.....

    There is no doubt Morris would have scored in those first 5 minutes when Nabuli gets bundled into touch. Agree he also has very ordinary hands at times. His knee has been heavily strapped for some time now which has obviously affected his pace or lack thereof
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    3 2 1 v Raiders

    3. Rein 2 Thompson 1 Friz
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    McInnes set to backflip the Dragons

    He hasn't actually backflipped yet, it's just that tosser Rothfield assuming he will.
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    Round 8: Dragons v Roosters

    Yep agree with you plus the Rorters have a number of critical players out through injury (as do we + suspension). So whilst it will be great to keep winning I wouldn't take too much notice of the result in the big scheme of things. Dragons by 14.:D
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    Rd7 3 2 1 v Broncos

    3. Thompson 2. Matthews 1. Widdop
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    Mitch Rein gone

    When will it ever end?
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    2015 Wooden Spoon Betting

    A lot will depend on wether our new big boppers can handle the rigors of NRL. If they step up, there's no doubt our backline can do anything. Also Packer is important, if we snare him and he is cleared to play, we will probably have our best pack since 2010/11. If all of the above pays off...