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    Cody Ramsey

    Ramsay will be a real good player.Give him a chance and some time.
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    Under no circumstances should Norman be re-signed for a further term.Time to move on for sure.
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    Round 12 v Tigers

    Tigers by 20 this week but we are decimated and having a go.
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    Jack De Belin

    DeBelin should tackle for a couple of players for all the trouble he has inflicted on our club. He will never repay the loyalty we have given him
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    Back to the future with Gerard Beale

    Why we signed him I do not know.He was average in his prime.
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    Round 11 v Sharks

    Sorry to say we have absolutely no chance of beating the Sharks on Friday.We will have to wait a while for our next win. A promising start to our season has gone pear shaped due to injury and the match review mob.
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    Jason Saab

    Saab is gone let’s forget him now.Good kid did not want to be with us.End of story.
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    The Term 'Joint Venture Club'.

    What a silly statement
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    Round 6 vs Warriors

    Just be careful today Dragons.We will all need 100% because a dangerous game and Warriors always seem to get us for some reason not forgetting last season’s debacle
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    Canterbury Cup and Jersey Flegg

    Very average rabble at best was on display yesterday.Very poor performance from a below average team on the day.
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    Round 4 V Newcastle

    These young guys have to earn a spot not just get picked.Williams has earned his spot and deserves the chance.
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    Hunt pleading for time

    Opens the door for someone to step up and get a chance.
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    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    More holes in our forward recruiting than a sieve
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    Hunt pleading for time

    Show some leadership Ben Hunt not the we need time bullshit
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    Luciano Leilua

    His form with us was average.Going good with the Tigers under a quality Coach.
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    The De-Merge Thread

    Not going to happen get over it and genuinely support our team
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    He has got some very average forwards around him.
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    The De-Merge Thread

    How about just Illawarra and leave it at that.St George Dragons would also be nice.
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    Sack Griffin

    Wake up
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    Blacker faces four-game ban over dangerous contact charge

    Rubbish and he did nothing deliberate he should contest the charge