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  1. Western_Eel

    Andrew Voss' Commentary

    Vossy is by far my favourite
  2. Western_Eel

    Refereeing The Magic Round sin bin directive

    they won't be allowed to go back now, it here to stay
  3. Western_Eel

    Cleary v Ponga

    I still don't understand why Newcastle still put their worst defender at fullback. time to move him in or move him out.
  4. Western_Eel

    New North American Competition?

    I could understand why some people would be disappointed they were left out but if this thing becomes popular then it will benefit everyone.
  5. Western_Eel

    New North American Competition?

    on their website it says that sports flick will broadcast their games
  6. Western_Eel

    The Game 2020 Annual Reports - Clubs, States and NRL

    Parramatta sent an email out to its members which states they had a $1.35mil profit for 2020
  7. Western_Eel

    The Game 2021 Crowd Watch

    I went to get tickets for the Panthers game this week and the tickets were $35 for GA, thought it was a bit rich, can't see it being a sell out
  8. Western_Eel

    The Game 2021 Membership

    I know parramatta had a pretty healthy profit last year which is good considering all the covid issues. they have increased their membership prices for 2021 and have still increased their membership numbers. if only they could win a premiership
  9. Western_Eel

    Toronto Gone?

    So now that it's offical, they should consider starting their own league in North America. instead of spending 10 million on SBW that could go to the setup of a Semi pro league
  10. Western_Eel

    The Game 2020 Crowd Watch

    id say it has to do with the way you get tickets, it not as easy as just buying them and I ended up with 4 tickets instead of 3
  11. Western_Eel

    Whats the actual go with tickets?

    I got my tickets for this weeks game, it was a pretty easy process, just had to wait for my time slot and order them through Ticketek
  12. Western_Eel

    Whats the actual go with tickets?

    if the 25% capacity rule applies for the rest of the year, the Sydney teams should probably move the rest of their games to ANZ as much as I hate that shithole.
  13. Western_Eel

    All Blacks v Australia Kangaroos in historic cross-code match

    I don't understand why people want to see this, its going to be a very sloppy game
  14. Western_Eel

    We already know who the grand finalists will be.

    They still lost 9 games to eels 4 that year, Parramatta had a points difference of +433
  15. Western_Eel

    We already know who the grand finalists will be.

    Yep, we do know how that ended, with the panthers coming dead last.
  16. Western_Eel

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    It’s pretty simple Panthers - Penrith stadium Tigers - Bankwest Bulldogs - Bankwest Eels - Bankwest Souths - Moore Park Easts - Moore Park Manly - Brooky Sharks - Cronulla Dragons - The Gong ANZ should only be for GF and Origin
  17. Western_Eel

    Saints are completely f**ked - McGregor sacked

    im right here, the crap teams always win a game here and there especially against another crap team
  18. Western_Eel

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    i think, once the new sydney stadium is build all the sydney clubs should play out of the two new venues and ditch ANZ
  19. Western_Eel

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    exactly and i think panthers stadium is pretty good anyway, maybe needs upgraded corporate facilities but thats about it
  20. Western_Eel

    Random International News

    i thought Fox had all the rights locked up? cant see espn getting any NRL