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  1. juro

    No team has ever won the premiership after conceding 50pts in a regular season match

    At half-time, I thought both Broncos and Dragons might notch up 50...
  2. juro

    University research on fans' views of racism in the NRL

    I'd have to go back about 30 years since I saw anything racist. So I answered no, since it was pre-NRL.
  3. juro


    You could add Townsville and probably Penrith to that list too...
  4. juro

    NRL wants two conference comp

    It is simply wrong and totally unfair to have all Sydney teams in 1 pool and all non-Sydney teams in another. You also need to have teams playing teams from outside their pool. I would prefer (if they expand to 18 teams and go with pools) for 3 pools of 6. Each team would play against their own...
  5. juro

    News We Stand With Mose Donor Appeal

    If the league can't get insurance, they need to self-insure. Dock 10% off every player's salary and have it go into a trust to cover these incidents. There is no excuse not to have some sort of financial protection.
  6. juro

    New North American Competition?

    1 April doesn't give me a lot of confidence in this...
  7. juro

    The Game 2021 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc

    Except when the Knights wear their miners jersey...
  8. juro

    23 Year Report Card

    Lets gone Warrios!
  9. juro

    Clint Gutherson “King”

    King Gutho King Gutho King Gutho King gutho king gutho king gutho king gutho king guffo king guffo king gufo kingufo kinggufo kingufokinggofokinggo foking go Foking go!
  10. juro

    The 2020 Bandwagon preparing to leave the station.

    1. Raiders 2. Knights 3. Storm 4. Roosters 5. Panthers 6. Sharks 7. Eels 8. Rabbitohs
  11. juro

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    So you are an extremely passionate and involved member of your rugby league community, yet you would not be willing to follow what is effectively a rebranding of your team which is designed to make it stronger. Okay...
  12. juro

    NRLW to Target 7 Stars

    Sevens code-switchers won't find NRLW easy, says Jillaroos coach Sarah Keoghan July 6, 2020 — 7.31pm Send via Email Jillaroos coach Brad Donald believes that sevens stars making a code switch to the NRLW could have huge benefits for women's rugby league, but insisted the competition would...
  13. juro

    Fitzy's league Sledge

    Wait a second, didn't the AFL also say that Victorians weren't allowed? And didn't the NSW govt just say that people from the affected suburbs face jail time if they even enter NSW??
  14. juro

    Is the top 8 and 9th position already finalised?

    Turn me on, dead man!
  15. juro

    Fitzy's league Sledge

    You don't need to read it to know what he is going to say. Same thing he always says!
  16. juro

    Fitzy's league Sledge

    Right on cue...
  17. juro

    Should We Bring Back The Draw

    A draw is apparently like kissing your sister. 90%+ are in favour.
  18. juro

    James Hooper

    You may be Hoops to your friends but you're fly shit to me! Piss off!
  19. juro

    News Coronavirus and NRL

    That was another reason I enjoyed that series so much. The coverage by SBS was such a breath of fresh air!