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    Here it is - the latest edition of The Front Row, our exclusive online e-magazine with a full wrap on last weekend's NRL & NRLW along with the match programme for the coming weekend of action in the NRL Finals, NRLW, Challenge Cup, Super League, NZRL and the Toulouges Nines!

    In this week's edition Paul Jobber goes one-on-one with retired NRL match official Gavin Badger, Rick Edgerton looks at some of the legendary halves pairings as Penrith pair Nathan Cleary & Jarome Luai ascend to potential greatness, and we look at a world of rugby league this coming weekend with Steve Mascord.

    Add to that all the regular features you've come to expect - a full NRL Finals Week 3, NRLW Round 3, Challenge Cup Final, Super League Round 16, NZRL Premiership and Toulouges Nines programme - and you have one fantastic 36-page magazine for your weekend's reading!


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    Tough critters!!
    Post by: Dakink, Sep 29, 2020 in forum: International
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    Sold Out!!

    [MEDIA] Great to see good interest in the games!!
    Thread by: Dakink, Sep 29, 2020, 4 replies, in forum: Women's Rugby League
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    MoŇ°e making progress!
    Post by: Dakink, Aug 12, 2020 in forum: NRL
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    Not sure where to put this but this clip is awesome to watch [MEDIA]
    Thread by: Dakink, Aug 12, 2020, 17 replies, in forum: NRL
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