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  1. footy75

    Super Bowl Predictions

    Who you think come out of the AFC and NFC and who do you think wins it?
  2. footy75

    Who wins the Premiership?

    Who do you think will win it all this year?
  3. footy75

    Revised Ladder Predictions

    With the new draw and all the changes in place what are your final ladder predictions for the season.
  4. footy75

    Superbowl Predictions

    Who you got making the Superbowl and winning it Hard to go past the Ravens at the minute. They are complete. Ravens v 49ers or Saints I think. Wot u think.
  5. footy75

    Spoon Predictions 2019

    Who do you like for the Spoon this year? There seems to be a number of contenders putting their hands up.
  6. footy75

    Superbowl predictions

    Who you got playing in the Super Bowl? I'm thinking Rams v whoever gets home field advantage out of Pats and Chiefs.
  7. footy75

    2019 Ladder Predictions

    How do you see it? Teams to beat, who improves, who falls away? What's your top 8?
  8. footy75

    Race for top 4

    With everyone complaining about the top 8 being over, the race for top 4 is as tight as ever. Which teams do you think will make it and get the double chance?
  9. footy75

    Grand Finalists/ Premiership?

    Who do you think plays in the Grand Final and who do you think will win it all? Before the weekend I was all over the Roosters. Now I think they will find it a little harder with their injuries. Good depth, still a huge chance. I like the Cowboys now. Sleeping Giants..the Dogs
  10. footy75

    Top 8

    At the halfway mark of the season now, what do you think the top 8 will look like at the end of the regular season? I'm thinking: Roosters Cowboys Souths Broncos Dogs Dragons Storm Warriors
  11. footy75

    Who plays in/wins Grand Final?

    In your opinion which two teams make it to the GF and who wins it?
  12. footy75

    Will the Cowboys make the 8?

    Will the Cowboys make the 8??
  13. footy75

    Top 4

    Which teams do you see making the top 4?
  14. footy75

    who you got in bottom half of 8?

    the top 4 teams are settled now who do u think will be in the bottom half of 8?? before tonight i would of said sharks, knights, dogs, warriors dogs are no certainty now-they got canberra in canberra then souths.
  15. footy75

    Who finishes top end of minor round?

    Who finishes top end of minor round? will Souths hold on or Roosters take it out Storm probably not now
  16. footy75

    Will Dogs make the 8?

    Will dogs make the 8????? When they get Kasiano and Graham back they should improve significantly. But will it be too late?

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