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    Matt Dufty Interesting read. If your a Dufty lover I'm sure you may wish to criticize the article, however I feel that the article at very...
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    Shaun Sauni-Esau Tackle&__twitter_impression=true Another one gone
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    Round 8 v Tigers

    Norman should never play fg again
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    Round 2 v Cowboys

    I thought the same last night, looks slow and ineffectual. I also thought Vaughan was looking slow. On more than one occasion he ran at the line then turned and backed into the defence. On the upside the rest of the pack was great. Lawrie looks like he is on a mission to be aggressive this year...
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    Norman suspended

    Funny, isn't it, how two posters are accused of telling other posters to shut up when those words were not used. Funny, isn't it, how two posters have exactly the same interaction with another poster who chooses to gaslight, use sarcasm to belittle, manipulate other posters words to further...
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    Norman suspended

    You can pick apart my post and throw your responses back at me as much as you want. I dont really give a toss. You obviously dont have the intelligence to understand my position so I wont bother to attempt to educate you. I guess the mark of your character is your accusation that I have told...
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    Norman suspended

    Is there anyone here who agrees with that view? What point? There was provocation. Do you have any report that shows otherwise? Were you there? How do you know that there was provocation or who started the incident? The other side ran away after they realised they had a fight on their hands...
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    Norman suspended

    Did you witness the incident in person? Were you in the room for the discussion between Norman and the NRL? If not, then you dont know either sides complete story re the incident or the decision to suspend Norman. Until you do know, your not qualified to judge.
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    Norman suspended

    How do you know Norman was provoked? Im sure I will be shouted down by forum administrator but the point needs to be made. The amateur dissection and opinion reporting of video of the incident by forum members is not necessarily a true or total representation of the events of the night. Many on...
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    Round 1 v Sharks

    He has shown that he has a lethal pass across the face of the defence and has a great turn of speed and is willing to take on the line. All attributes of a good five eighth. I would love to see him have a go at five eighth just to prove or disprove that sentiment.
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    Charity Shield 2021

    URL link above to vision to highlight my point re lack of defensive line speed... Our defence started at 35m out, one player moved 1 metre forward and the rest stayed still. Every defensive player thereafter was going backwards. Could be a very long season...
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    Charity Shield 2021

    Didnt look like new defensive structures to me. Same old take one step forward plant the feet then shuffle backwards when the other team attacks, Souths on the other hand had great defensive line speed bordering on offside every tackle and were hitting us at the line of scrimmage. Why we cant...
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    Trials 2021

    Runciman is still crap
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    Tyrell Sloan

    Last year Lawrie was a case of best house on the worst street in a bad neighborhood. I do recall a couple of very poor goal line defensive efforts by Lawrie last year. I think he is more of a lock and he doesnt quite have the size to be a damaging prop. He's young and I am keen to see to how he...
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    "He turned 30 the other day and he is in a contract year so he is keen to play some good footy." I'm glad he has an reason to play some good footy this year. Pity he didnt have a reason in previous years.
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    Trials 2021

    February 12 Sharks v Dragons: 5.30pm (AEDT) at PointsBet Stadium (players with 12 games from 2020 or less). Watch live: Kayo, February 18 Eels v Dragons: 6pm (AEDT) at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium (players with 12 games from 2020 or less). Watch live: Kayo, February 27 Rabbitohs v...
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    Cameron McInnes

    Muz, I just posted on McCullough thread that ch9 Brisbane just reported AM being released to us 15feb. Maybe McInnes to be released sooner?
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    I started this thread with the news Ben Dobbin (Ch9 Brisbane) reported McCullough to the dragons. Dobbin just reported on Ch9 news that McCullough will be released to the Dragons on Feb15. Deal done.
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    The Rumours Thread

    Shit eh?!