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    RLWC 2021 Profits?

    So who would be the 10 can we get it to 12? Australia NZ England France Wales Samoa Tonga Fiji PNG Cook Islands Anyone else like to play?
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    RLWC 2025

    I think we concentrate on the origin etc because our "partners' have a massive say in it. It's their asset and they want no competition for it. Shows who runs the game.
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    If St george dont want to be bagged by news corp get Ricky Stuart as coach....problem solved
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    New Zealand 2 will deal a massive blow to NZ rugby

    The hardest part of league is defence most people when bagging the game dont take this into account even dopey Fitzsimmons says the most technical part of union is the defence and guess where they look for guidance for this both for ideas and coaching thats right the simple game of rugby league.
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    Fitzy's league Sledge

    I live in Melbourne, the Rebels have ZERO presence in the city with the average punter. I see Storm merchandise , stickers on cars, talk at work etc every day.
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    2023 International calendar,-no.-10,-The-Kangaroo-curse,-Pin-Up_-Folkes,-Bulldogs-and-Norths-Team.html
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    2023 International calendar

    If you look at history this sort of thing has always happened it use to be after Kangaroo Tours. Manly after winning in 78 then having a high number of players on the 1978 Roo Tour fell flat in 1978. I remember RLW running a headline in 1983 about the Kangaroo Curse.
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    Todd Greenberg has pretty much said one Sydney team will be relocated.

    How about Magpies Stand alone and Balmain merge with easts in brisbane to become third team in brisbane....same jersey emblem etc
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    Todd Greenberg has pretty much said one Sydney team will be relocated.

    Yes the fact the f eits in marketing think they can sell more merch with a tiger emblem on it....sad I know...thats rugby league
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    PNG knock out style comp - has one ever existed ?

    NZ had a similar tournament....infact the 1982 Final is on Youtube great game between Petone and Randwick
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    Welcome to the comp, Redcliffe.

    Maybe they gave AFL a go and enjoyed it.
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    Next TV deal discussion 2028 -

    Lets be thankful Lachlan let us have the Dolphins.....Now Lachlan when can we have our 18th team please master.
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    Super League 2023 discussion

    Now you just get attacked on
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    Queensland’s failed $200m grand final proposal revealed as stadium war rages on

    Its funny how in Victoria the AFL never get an objection from the government or public for funding. In its long history rugby league has been treated poorly by governments for decades our game played in substandard facilities.
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    The Game 2023 Crowd Watch

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    The Game 2023 Crowd Watch

    The difference is passion AFL has way more passionate supporters.
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    RLWC 2025

    I read Avignon wont bidto host games however they will host teams for training base.
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    Why don't we ever "raid" Union?

    Union has done terrible things to league in France. However the game thrived in the 1950s playing before big international crowds in the large cities. Puig Aubert was even chosrn as L'Equipe sportsman of thd year a very prestigIous award still running today. However there were decisions made in...
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    Why don't we ever "raid" Union?

    Maybe Morgan the great intelligent one can explain why their schools wont allow our game to be played by their students for over 100 years. Now in this day and age that smacks of discrimination against a sport.
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    Why don't we ever "raid" Union?

    Won't happen the movement of top class union players moving to league since 1995 has virtually dried up.