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    2023 R13 Fri - Parramatta 24-16 North Qld @ CommBank

    The ref has been OK .. but just OK. Until that penalty on Moretti for hitting the kicker. That was a blatant dive and nothing more
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    2023 R12 Thu - Brisbane 4-15 Penrith @ Suncorp / Yuggera-Turrbal

    that was never ever a knock on. the tackling player knocked it out with his shoulder, fair enough but it always went backwards.
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    Whats the difference between the booing of adam goodes, buddy & the booing of latrell?!

    Exactly, what about the abuse Wally and Gallen copped, what about the shit that gets put on Anasta. Its the same for LM most of it is not racist. Its about perceptions. I have seen people called racist for simply saying LM is not a good FB, after admitting he was a great centre. If LM...
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    2023 R10 Sat - Melbourne 12-28 Souths @ Suncorp

    Souff played well indeed, the one thing they really outdid the Storm in was filth. That was a feat in iteself, but they are by far the dirtiest team in the comp now by a country mile.
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    First coach sacking 2023?

    Junior or Senior ... :)
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    First coach sacking 2023?

    I know he won't but Seibold has to go soon. He just seems to bring negativity and disharmony to a club.
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    2023 RM Cup & Sydney Shield

    and a major miracle occurred with martin kennedy getting off the biting charge. Quite a joke really
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    HNWP 2023

    The bulldogs situation was much more one of money than building a culture in both HNWP and TG. Maybe that had some thing to do with it. The change that happened in the HNWP in March certainly went a way to creating a better culture
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    The future of woman's RL

    no eligibility apart from age applies in that case
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    NRLW - 2023

    thats not so much the case here RU, is basically not televised unless it an internation. Super RU has gone from having all games on free to air TV to none. The elite schools RU is basically a dead end. You just have to look at the number of players from GPS first teams that kick on and even...
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    The future of woman's RL

    There have been players selected for junior mens origin that went on to play for NZ. I wonder whether those players are eligible for both NZ and Australia
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    14 players on the field: Souths v Broncos

    I think because the process spans 3 (trainer, player and NRL official) losing the points is not really a fair option, unless they went on without being told.
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    14 players on the field: Souths v Broncos

    I am sure it had no bearing on the result and I just hope the punishment is consistent with previous punishments for similar occurrences. What is really amusing is hearing souffs supporters claiming its the all interchange officials fault, how are they going to physically stop an NRL player...
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    The future of woman's RL

    The "indigenous" was never about the islander girls it was always about Australia's first nations. The team started as an Indigenous side independently run, they then joined the Roosters in a partnership and it is now run entirely by the Roosters.. Over the last few years there have been...
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    NRLW - 2023

    CH 9 have not had the best interest of the game at heart for a long time. They crap all over it and try and tear it down, but that seems the way with most RL media in Australia
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    2023 R8 ANZAC DAY - Sydney 27-26 St Geo Illa @ Allianz

    you are correct. Except you left out the bit that if Hutch didn't come on in the centres the Roosters lose. They would have gone through Suaali at least 2 or 3 more times.
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    NRLW - 2023

    or the DAlly M player of the year ended up at the Dragons or the next best half ended up at Parramatta or the best fullback ended up at Cronulla and the best backrower ended up at the Tigers. Its funny isn't it 😒
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    2023 R8 Thu - Souths 20-18 Penrith @ Accor

    Could be 2014 all over again. all we need is some penalties for a burgii dropping the ball
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    2023 R8 Thu - Souths 20-18 Penrith @ Accor

    without a doubt that was a knock on
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    The jack wighton hype

    He cost NSW at least one SOO series and obviously he was holding Canberra back from beating the Broncos. Give him $10 and tell him not to spend it all at once. One question though, is this all because he wants to play fullback too ?