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  1. kit66

    Next game vs the Wabbits

    Lattrell will likely not play along with Arrow and Murray......fingers crossed.
  2. kit66

    NSW game 2 team

    NSW keep forgetting that a champion team will beat a team of champions. Turbo isn't a centre, he's a great player but he aint a centre. Defensively and in areas like the kick chase he was found wanting. The Combinations Rule idea is also the wrong way to go. Just pick the best week to week...
  3. kit66

    KOE (ex Canterbury Cup) and Jersey Flegg

    Ryan Couchman 80 mins, 226 mtrs, 101 post contact mtr's, 34 tackles, 1 miss, 1 intercept. Keep it up young fella.
  4. kit66

    Not getting ahead of ourselves but….

    Hard to get ahead of yourself when you're bottom of the ladder two weeks off the halfway mark of the season. The only reason we're not dead last is the 2 bye points keeping us ahead of the Dogs. But, if the Tigers can come out and put 66 on the Cows surely we can string together a couple of...
  5. kit66

    The Rumours Thread

    More likely he didn't like Hunts defence at 9, he missed 10 against the Tigers, maybe Hook thought that might happen again. Or even more likely it's just another bs excuse.
  6. kit66

    Same Shit /different week R 12.

    It really doesn't matter who plays, their defensive structure is an absolute joke. People darting out of the line to get no-one, slide defence non-existant, we just make it easy for our opposition - attacking us through the middle or out wide it's guaranteed there'll be a hole somewhere if you...
  7. kit66

    Hey Jack Bird.

    I know I could make a list of the top 40 second rowers and Bird wouldn't make the cut, same for top 17 locks while I'm at it. Now a list of the dumbest footballers, well I'm thinking top 5 for Jack alongside Lomax.
  8. kit66

    Round 11 team

    Even with Taumalolo and Nanai out I still can't see us getting the win, in fact I think we lose by a lot more than 2 this week. The boys struggle against the Cows for some reason and with Hook sticking with a losing formula yet again, there's little to feel confident about.
  9. kit66

    Round 11 team

    Liddle and Musgrove would have played their hearts out against their old club, as players usually do after switching colours, so Hook runs out Mbye and Burns. Good grief.
  10. kit66

    Round 11 team

    I'm more interested in who's the Coach for Round 11, that's all that matters now.
  11. kit66

    Round 10 team

    Shoulda gone to Bali instead, forfeit or lose, same, same and the boys get a tan.
  12. kit66

    Round 10 team

    So rumours of Hunt to 9 at some point in the game ? I can't see Hook trusting Amone and Bud at 6 & 7, he'll likely switch Mbye to 7 if the Hunt rumour is true because that's what Hook does. Obviously Hook didn't watch the Wests game last week, if he did he would have seen a perfect example of a...
  13. kit66

    The Rumours Thread

    It is a huge job but does anyone at the club have the will to do it and are they likely to hand anyone, including a new Coach, the power to do it. I think they don't care, their jobs are safe, the trough seems bottomless whether we win lose or draw and there is no-one above them to make them do...
  14. kit66

    Josh Kerr departs

    We should have re-signed him ourselves, he's coming into his best form. A really handy big body, with a great off-load and super quick play the ball. Damn shame but watch him kill it under Bennett. Just one more reason the switch to the Dolphins.
  15. kit66

    Jacob Liddle

  16. kit66

    Reasons to be Cheerful Pt. 3...

    Enjoy. I'm going to Japan on Saturday so won't have to endure this Dragons inspired nightmare for a month. Yay
  17. kit66

    Dragons V Sharks Round 4

    I'd like to read that article if you can re-post it. The problem is though that last week, in 10 short minutes the Broncos gave the rest of the league a little blue-print on how to beat the Dragons, use your speedy fellas, attack wide and often. Qualitative or quantitative may play a part but a...
  18. kit66

    The Rumours Thread

    Was that before or after Trump was dragged away by Police.
  19. kit66

    The Rumours Thread

    Watching that and some of the defence I was struck with a brilliant idea. Instead of bringing a SL player here, why not relocate our whole kit and kaboodle over there. We'd be a chance of making the 8 no wuckers.
  20. kit66

    Dragons V Sharks Round 4

    Yeah, actualy I retract the last sentence of my post above (got a little carried away there). There are some games from the past that will likely never be bettered. There's aspects of the past that I love and some I hated - same with the modern game. Some of the recent rule changes I could do...

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