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  1. The Charlatan

    Match Discussion: Round 12 vs North Qld @ Leichhardt Oval, Lilyfield / Wanngal

    Was a quality thundercocking, glad our attack finally clicked. Unfortunately I still worry about our ability to defend our own line, three cheap tries to them from inside our own half.
  2. The Charlatan

    BBQ time, Griffin is gone!

    I'm disappointed, as a Tigers fan Hook was my favourite coach in the NRL. He had an excellent recruitment policy.
  3. The Charlatan

    Match Discussion: Round 11 vs Souths @ Accor Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park / Wanngal

    We won't be able to paper over our deficiencies in attack this week. Souths have far too many points in them.
  4. The Charlatan

    Weststigers Wasteland

    Look everyone, the blue-ribbon supporting communist is spouting shit again.
  5. The Charlatan

    Match Discussion: Round 9 vs Penrith @ Carrington Park, Bathurst / Wiradjuri

    Over twice as many tackles in their 20 and only won by 4. Not taking away from the win, it was a great effort but I feel like that unless our halves do more again we'll still lose way more than we win.
  6. The Charlatan

    Random Tigers articles from the media

    Wish these merkins would shut their trap. Every year for ten years it's been the toughest/best/fittest off season ever only to look dead on their feet 30 minutes into their round 5 fixture and half a dozen of them out injured.
  7. The Charlatan

    Darling harbour early 90s

    A shame. We had our wedding reception at L'aqua. It's a nice venue there.
  8. The Charlatan

    Season 2023

    The other option could be Laurie and Doueihi in 6/7 as two running halves and Jacko playing a halves role out of the 13.
  9. The Charlatan

    Season 2023

    Yep, absolute dog merkin attitude. Moreover, in the game he played with the Chooks where they spanked us he was the only one in the Easts team that did nothing. So he doesn't even improve in a good roster playing against a team that had the cue in the rack for weeks beforehand. Back to England...
  10. The Charlatan

    Season 2023

    I don't think he'll ever be a top grade coach, but his year was ruined by the club loaning and releasing players in an already poor squad that had injuries in key positions as well. Everything conspired against him from even achieving a below average mark.
  11. The Charlatan

    New recruits for 2023

    Wow, what the f**k is hook doing? I thought we were kissed on the arse when the Dragons took Liddle, now Musgrove? Hopefully he finds that fire in the belly for you guys. It was firmly buried with us.
  12. The Charlatan

    Season 2023

    It is development, we'll develop him into a 5 game a year player.
  13. The Charlatan

    Season ‘22

    Getting away from other clubs, what an insipid year from our pack of pathetic merkins. By merkins, I am talking from the board through to the ball boys. An absolute shambles of a club from top to bottom. The board and management team need a serious overhaul with the way that the coaching debacle...
  14. The Charlatan

    Season 2023

    Yeah if he's injured again, he's gotta move on. We've dicked around with players in this situation for years. Players in their development years who get injured often severely hampers their development. I would like to see Blore running off Hastings. He is a good defender however hasn't shown...
  15. The Charlatan

    Season 2023

    I'd have both. We need more than one prop. Klemmer defends well, averages 60 minutes a game, has an offload (which I would think will suit the type of game Sheens will be likely to promote,) and averaged 155 metres a game this year.
  16. The Charlatan

    Season 2023

    Apparently Klemmer toured our facilities. Would be a good experienced acquisition. Would also like to pick up Spencer Leniu. Still need a couple of second rowers, pretty lean at the moment, and we still need one good centre as well.
  17. The Charlatan

    Better Call Saul

    Saul was just a scumbag by nature, couldn't help but gravitate to it. A good natured one at times, but still a scumbag nonetheless. Either way, both series were amazing.
  18. The Charlatan

    Better Call Saul

    I don't see that being a problem with in regard to Walt and Jesse. Walt grew to be a pig headed merkin because he was finally successful and respected & because Jesse had a conscience, he ruined himself with the gear to deal with the f**ked shit they got up to.
  19. The Charlatan

    Dragons Future Hooker

    I'm thankful that Liddle is gone, but baffled as to why Saints picked him up. The guy has a motor that is good for about 20 minutes, and he's made of tissue and spit. Hopefully works out better for you guys than us, 70 games in 7 seasons.
  20. The Charlatan

    F1 2022

    A few spare seats available for '23 still it would seem. Piastri looks like he'll make an announcement on his future shortly after shitting on Alpine's announcement that he will be in seat #2 next year.

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