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  1. shaggs

    Wade Graham future

    Still doing that. is right Into endurance events now. Last time I spoke to him I think he was getting ready for a 100km run.
  2. shaggs

    OT: names

    You answered your own question
  3. shaggs

    Team v Pennies

    Yes a guess
  4. shaggs

    Team v Pennies

    Martin will play. korisau will play cleary wont Luai wont Capewell won’t To’o will
  5. shaggs

    OT - ORIGIN 1

    Is feldt the dumbest grubbiest Townsville houso you’ve ever seen. Absolute lowlife
  6. shaggs

    Team v Pennies

    I think it’s fair enough. If all 6 get injured they are left with 15. I doubt they all back up
  7. shaggs

    Sharks bye weekend - Cronulla Jazz and Blues fest

    Some of you might recognise a guy playing on Friday night as well.
  8. shaggs

    Observation 7

    I think it’s a backward step to take hunt. He is mentally weak
  9. shaggs

    The weekly player vilification thread - GAME DAY THREAD vs Titans

    How did we go in the second half. Missed it. The SCG doesn’t show league. swans 52 blues 53. As if anyone cares
  10. shaggs

    Celebrating Indigenous Round - who are your favourites, best, and under-rated ...

    Have a listen to the talking with TK podcast. His interview with Owen Craigie is brilliant
  11. shaggs

    O.T: Victor Radley.

    He hasn’t been putting his tips in either MIA.
  12. shaggs

    2022 Targets

    Nope. I’m on that list. Early rounds were an anomaly
  13. shaggs

    2022 Targets

    Haven’t you had enough of injured downhill skiers??
  14. shaggs

    This Week

    Ramien and Ferris won’t be picked
  15. shaggs

    Buzz Off Cretin

    Are you the guy with the teeth in the back. Same dentist as flanno?
  16. shaggs

    GAME DAY vs The Filthy Queens.

    He was never a leader
  17. shaggs

    GAME DAY vs The Filthy Queens.

    He totally earnt selection next week. 20 kicks to the fullback and 1 through the post
  18. shaggs

    GAME DAY vs The Filthy Queens.

    3 worst players to be involved with a field goal. Tolman Brailey and Townsend.
  19. shaggs

    GAME DAY vs The Filthy Queens.

    What a putrid decision. NRL has gone soft