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    This head thing and the officiating/governance

    coaches would exploit it if there was an opportunity, say where a Nathan Cleary took out a billy magoulias.. there’s no way billy would pass his hia
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    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    No thanks to Meaney or Kris. Neither are upgrades on what we already have. Please be Joseph Manu.
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    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    tracey has been great. Deserves his spot, but Katoa is an out and out winger and one of the best if not the best finisher in the game. I see Tracey either as a utility or in the centre’s.
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    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    Tracey played pretty well last night. If Katoa makes a successful return today for the jets, what happens next week?
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    Moyza's Hammies

    You could tell it was definitely in his head when he caught the ball and it was as if he had a moment where he was like f**k it I need to go for it to try and earn a pay day
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    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    Should have kicked the field goal with 11 minutes to go in the set where kikau was a bitch and Brailey was a hog on the last again.. that sort of game management going up 19-6, would land Johnson a contract
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    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    musk sticks
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    OT: Brian To'o.

    I liked Feki, but surely sarcastic? Feki could never finish a try the way to’o can
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    Team v Pennies

    No sign of Dugan at all? Spat the dummy?
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    Team v Pennies

    Katoa named for the jets
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    Yeah I always thought capewell was pretty good.. definitely worth keeping around, especially if he was happy to stay on minimum wage.
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    Matt Dufty

    Heard a RUMOUR DWZ/Dufty swap. did Griffin work with DWZ in his Penrith stint?
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    Aaron Woods

    Probably end up back at the tigers with packers money
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    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Probably would have kept Johnson given there is no one better on the open market, but I’ll trust Fitzgibbon’s judgement/plan. speaking of Fitzgibbon, he’s in camp with nsw.. part of me thinks is this just buzz talking shit
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    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    I feel like we got the better deal then the broncos
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    Jets v Raiders team list

    yeah I just think for a player of his quality and with how much he brings to our team, it’s too much of a risk of injury or suspension. Anyway hopefully it pays off.
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    Jets v Raiders team list

    Talakai? Why?
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    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Has Angus Crichton re-signed yet with the roosters? I saw talk he would for one year but haven’t seen anything official? I’d love to have a go at him and Manu. Manu showed again the other night he is worth every cent of fullbacks money.