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    Origin 2013 already decided

    Although it pains me to say it as a NSW supporter, let me get it out of the way now and be the first to congratulate Queensland on 8 in a row. This victory for QL was sealed the moment Laurie 'Dipshit' Daley pretty much announced Mitchell Pearce as the halfback for NSW this year. This overrated...
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    Potter it is.

    To be announced as the new West Tigers coach this afternoon
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    It's official!!!

    Being announced now!!
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    Tonight's game

    Benji alone is costing us this game so far. If Sheens had any sense, he would put Moltzen at Half, Benji to 5/8, Ryan to fullback and Lawrence to centre or he could take Benji off and put Humble at half (quite frankly we can't do any worse seeing as melbournes 10 points are from benjis mistakes)
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    After watching him play for the past few weeks, I think it's fair to say his piss poor attempts at what some would call tackles have been one of the main reasons for our problems in defense. The second try by Reynolds in the game so far issues testimony to that. He just gives up which is the...