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  1. chemics


    Potentially a matter of weeks away any thoughts on who might get the gig....?????
  2. chemics

    More games will lost at suburban grounds

    Seems inevitable that we will lose 2 more games at Kogarah and the gong if this plan goes ahead
  3. chemics

    *False* Nathan Brown joins Dragons Rum our has it he will join the dragons
  4. chemics

    Kevin proctor

    Rumor on triple m says he's about to sign
  5. chemics

    Ian Millward cutters new coach 2014

    Whats your thoughts on how Millward will attack this next year? With paul Mcgregor taking up the assient role to Price Who will fill in the gaps.. And will the Price/Mcgregor partnership work?
  6. chemics

    Jeremy smith

    Daily telegraph claims smith is not happy with the commute from Wollongong to the shire and is looking At his options for 2013 Snap him up ??
  7. chemics

    Friday night live!!

    Tomorrows game broadcast live into the Illawarra That's fantastic news for all nrl supporters ch 9 finally listening!!!