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    2023-2028 next tv deal discussion

    Unfortunately one of the articles mentioned that Ten have agreed for the term of the Aleague agreement not to bid on NRL or AFL.
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    2023-2028 next tv deal discussion

    I think the most likely outcome is Fox will buy the rights currently held by 9. Strip out a lot of the value and then onsell a basic rights package to 7 or 10 to keep the NRL happy. Perhaps two free to air games with one of the current ones becoming a kayo freebie.
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    Wests Tigers take over bid

    I do not think this is the case now. Both Balmain Leagues clubs have merged in with Wests Ashfield. All the Balmain side has now is a token 10% share in the NRL side, Wests Ashfield gave them as part of the bail out.
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    I wonder if a second Auckland Team would encourage the NZ Government to build the previously discussed harbourside stadium. 30k is probably the right size stadium with Eden Park keeping union tests and Cricket.
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    Central Coast Bears NRL Bid.

    No sure why these threads have obsessions with changing team names. No matter where Manly play, they will always be called Manly. The suburb or area referenced in a team name has no relevance to where they play
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    Super League News

    I noticed that the Challenge Cup games don't appear to be on Kayo. Does anyone know if this is normal and it's only the later rounds that are shown? Or did Fox/Kayo not buy the rights? Separately, it would be great if they did Kayo Minis for super league games.
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    2021 Ratings

    There are more Super League games than normal being broadcast this weekend. It will be interesting to see how Hull FC v Huddersfield rates at 10pm on Sunday night for Fox League.
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    Professional Rugby League to be relaunched in Canada

    Definitely Rugby League, representatives have been on Chasing Kangaroos and Steve Mascord's podcasts
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    If they do build a new stadium for Athletics & Ceremonies, hopefully the post games capacity is less than Suncorp so there is no temptation to move any games there.
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    News Segeyaro tests positive for performance enhancing substance

    If he is unable to secure a contract with an NRL club, he should sign with the Hunters in preparation for playing for PNG at the world cup (assuming it goes ahead).
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    Expansion fee

    Kurt Fearnley's podcast has a good interview with PVL. Talk of there being 18 teams in four years time.
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Unless a club is relocating to a new city, they would be stupid to change their name. Taking games from a traditional home ground is hard enough without trying to sell a name change.
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    With the NSW Government looking for a location for a new Greyhound Track. Is there room at Penrith for a Headingley style set up, with shared facilities in between the Stadium & the Greyhound Track?
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    I guess the question is what events do the NRL fund/own that are appropriate for the stadium size/location? Perhaps only internationals not involving Australia.
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    The Case for Adelaide.....

    Apologies if I have interpreted your comments incorrectly. But I have seen others comment on this basis before and find it absolutely ridiculous that there is an assertion that Juniors in Victoria don't count if their Parents have lived elsewhere. If anything the multicultural nature of rugby...
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    NT, does the nrl care?

    This is a slight positive of Covid. The AFL will need to let most of these employees go, bringing them back in line with the NRL
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    2023-2028 next tv deal discussion

    When the free to air rights are up for renewal, how much of the content on Nine needs to remain on free to air to satisfy the anti siphoning legislation? Could the Thursday night game for example, be sold exclusively to Fox or as a cheap way for another entity like YouTube to trial Rugby League?
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    It would be a poor decision for any Club to change their name unless they are moving interstate, which is highly unlikely. As previous comments have shown, increasingly over time support for each Club in Sydney will spread out and not be confined to the traditional areas/home ground. Support...
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Perhaps V'Landys can do a deal for a new stadium to be built at Canterbury Racecourse with some shared back of house facilities like at Leeds
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    Expansion Team Names

    Bring back the Crushers, but drop the South just making them the Qld Crushers