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  1. chemics

    Round 12 v Tigers

    Try from a kick !!
  2. chemics

    Round 12 v Tigers

    Ramsey is not a fullback
  3. chemics

    Jack DeBelin interview

    “To be honest I haven’t read her statement in years, so I can’t recall,” Det Sutton said. Well I for one would be reading every scrap of evidence/ statements 10 x over before I reached court.!!
  4. chemics

    Finals Week One

    Atkins / Sutton
  5. chemics

    Team during origin.

    Dogs game is on the monday after origin may get a couple backing up??
  6. chemics

    Team during origin.

    Manly and the eels either side of that fixture
  7. chemics

    Team during origin.

    More of a concern is game 2 when we will lose widdop and graham to international duties.
  8. chemics

    Walmsley to sign - Possm take a bow!
  9. chemics

    Mose Masoe Back in Full Training

    Sounds as though Mosoe will be heading back to superleague?
  10. chemics

    ROUND 7

    Anyone got a codeword /password for the ticketmaster website for this game looking at taking the family. Cheers.
  11. chemics

    Rate Gareth Widdop

    wish I could upload a photo of Widdop standing with Moylan around the premeirship trophy from todays NRL launch (twitter) ,his body language said it all,( why the f#$% am I standing here!! not a hope in hell of winning this!!) looked totally disinterested
  12. chemics


    Potentially a matter of weeks away any thoughts on who might get the gig....?????
  13. chemics

    Well Done Cronulla

    Congratulations to Mr Price Mr Prior Mr Beale
  14. chemics

    Matthew Johns

    Can you elaborate?
  15. chemics

    Ivan Cleary One Step Away from the Dragons!!

    Pete stay calm So this rumour hasn't reached your local pub then? Obviously no morons were you live..
  16. chemics

    Ivan Cleary One Step Away from the Dragons!!

    Just voicing the rumours flying around! Contracts are worth bugger all these days so anything possible
  17. chemics

    Ivan Cleary One Step Away from the Dragons!!

    Another scenario doing the rounds is that cleary will head back to the panthers as goulds replacement....
  18. chemics

    Ivan Cleary One Step Away from the Dragons!!

    trouble is Dragons put 2 & 2 together get 4 then multiply by 2 gets you a forward then plays them at half back!!! so yes we end up with 7....
  19. chemics

    Game day V Roosters (round 24)

    God rein is shithouse