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  1. 8Ball

    Extending the 40/20 rule

    I was wondering what other people think of changing the 40/20 rule to include all touch finders where the kick goes 40m. Would lead to more open play, stopping the fullback from defending in the line, bring exciting wingers into the game, encourage more attack and less focus on completions and...
  2. 8Ball

    The Matt Renshaw Appreciation Thread

    Smiley needs his own thread imo
  3. 8Ball

    Phil Hughes Anniversary

    I know there's already a thread on this, but I thought this deserved another: Probably would have cemented his place in the line up by now. :(
  4. 8Ball

    Pink Balls So it looks like day night test cricket is going to happen by the end of this year.. Thoughts?
  5. 8Ball

    The Ryan Harris Appreciation Thread

  6. 8Ball


    Honestly, I thought he was pretty decent behind a badly smashed forward pack. Way of the future for NSW imo. He has to stay. He and Barrett were probably NSW best players. Not much you can do in the halves when your starting props make 70m and 40m respectively.
  7. 8Ball

    Tim Smith - Room for him?

    A couple of years ago when I first saw him play, I thought he'd be the next superstar of our game. Obviously things haven't gone the way he would have liked, but being a Queenslander, he would feel right at home at the broncos. Looking ahead to round 1 2010, is there room for him in our...
  8. 8Ball

    Earth's Special Forces

    Anyone play or played this halflife mod in the past? Can't believe how few people have played or even heard of it. Lots and lots of skill required in this game. Not the best players in that clip though.
  9. 8Ball

    Turning pro in golf

    I was just wondering, what is the difference between an amateur and a pro in golf.The practical differences in particular. I hear a lot about amateurs trying to delay for as long as possible before turning pro.. Why is that? And why do most low handicappers not turn pro? Is it simply cause it...
  10. 8Ball

    Who is your fullback for next year?

    With the loss of K next year, who would your first choice fullback be? Three choices stand out to me: Hodges Kemp Hoffman I'd give Kemp the gig at the start of the season to see how he goes, and if that doesn't work, I'd move Hodges back there. Hoffman still looks a bit too raw and mistake...
  11. 8Ball

    Thought I'd share this..

    with Lockyer fans. Not my video btw.
  12. 8Ball

    Attendances around the world.

    Anyone know of a link which provides information similar to this, for 2006 or 2007?
  13. 8Ball

    I can't think of a thread name worthy of this. :crazy::crazy:
  14. 8Ball

    The biggest disgrace in any sport ever.

    The Cuban bloke in the 80kg division of the TaeKwonDo. Absolutely Disgraceful.
  15. 8Ball

    Ivan Henjak on Lockyer after 2009,25197,24036776-5012431,00.html Hunt has indicated his first preference would be to remain with the Broncos, but said he would consider any offers. Complicating the issue for Brisbane, which will need to offer Hunt a significant contract upgrade...
  16. 8Ball

    Folau's signing.

    Was it really responsible of us to sign Folau? With the money he's signed for, we could have kept Ennis, and maybe used some cash left over to keep Hannant too. Ennis has been unbelievable this year, consistently our best player, and is far more valuable to us than Israel. Thoughts?
  17. 8Ball

    What we as fans can do in Sydney.

    I've had it up to here with having AFL rammed down my throat. Sick of that arrogant, smug piece of sh*t Demetriou, and News not putting two cents back into the game. What are some things we can do individually to fight back?
  18. 8Ball

    World Cup Crowds

    Just out of interest, for games between lesser nations, what sort of crowds would you be happy with? It would be a bit embarrassing if for example a Fiji v Scotland at Bluetongue drew less than 2k.
  19. 8Ball


    If you're watching the WT vs Brisbane right now, don't look at the sidebar... :sarcasm: No really, don't.
  20. 8Ball

    Now onto Everest..

    Through the desert haze, comes a man...staggering, a punctured lung, 62 broken bones, a busted testicle and trench foot.... :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :) :) ...I can't believe we've actually made it. Very happy for Shane Perry and Brad Thorn. 50th and 200th games respectively. Perry's...