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  1. jamesgould

    NZ needs a second team - Tony Kemp

    That's what they are looking into, fingers crossed it is (well, I'm sure it is, but it comes down to cost). Either way I still think it's a quality stadium.
  2. jamesgould

    NZ needs a second team - Tony Kemp

    Westpac Stadium isn't as bad as many seem to think, imo at least. Even the front row seats are elevated a good two metres, so it's a great view no matter where you are sitting. Sure, in an ideal world it would be rectangular, but I have to say I still find it miles better than Eden Park, for...
  3. jamesgould

    NZ needs a second team - Tony Kemp

    The Christchurch argument seems stupid to me ... let's base the team in a rugby union heartland, rather than the place that gets much better crowds to league games, has many more juniors, and has a much bigger league tradition. It would be a typical rugby league decision, I'll give him that.
  4. jamesgould

    hopefully a few people got this for fathers day?

    Really enjoyed The Penalty, a lot of it is straight out of Tandy's mouth, so if you can forget Massoud writes everything in between then it's worth it. Pity The Night The Music Died isn't on kindle, I'd buy it in a second. I also have The Forbidden Game lined up to read soon (yes, I just...
  5. jamesgould

    Rick Stone appointed Knights coach

    Wasn't 2012 more like 20.33 per game? Yeah, Stone has plenty to work on though ... I think he had something like a two month period in 2011 where we didn't score over 20 points ... although I seem to remember we won a few in that time. You have to wonder if we'd continued to improve under him...
  6. jamesgould

    Rick Stone appointed Knights coach

    2010: Round 4 lost to Penrith 30-34 Round 6 beat North Queensland 36-18 Round 8 beat Brisbane 30-22 Round 9 lost to Gold Coast 36-38 Round 10 beat Roosters 34-18 Round 21 beat Manly 32-14 Round 22 beat Bulldogs 30-6 Round 24 beat Brisbane 44-18 2011: Round 1 beat Penrith 42-8 Round...
  7. jamesgould

    Wayne Bennett quitting the Knights

    Bennett assembled 90% of this squad ...
  8. jamesgould

    2014 Round 2 :: Souths vs Ninjas

    I think the Ninjas will unfortunately be struggling to compete in this match. We are reviewing whether we have the numbers to continue this season, but it doesn't look too good I'm sorry. :( If anyone from the Ninjas does want to post an article for this game, you have my blessing though!
  9. jamesgould

    Sunday Roast

    Well I was being sarcastic if it didn't come across. Those stoopid comps, I could have told you Mark Coyne and El Masri would have won them and saved the whole boring thing.
  10. jamesgould

    Last Storm try after fulltime??

    I agree with this. I remember Steve Mascord saying probably about five years ago that the disparity around the tv clock, the ground clock, and the timekeepers clock needed to be fixed up, and it would inevitably become an issue at some stage. In the NBA they are all synched as far as I...
  11. jamesgould

    Perth will be a much harder proposition post 2018

    I'm happy to report that Wellington will be overjoyed to get a side at any stage.
  12. jamesgould

    Sunday Roast

    "What's the best try ever?" "What's the best conversion ever?" The Roast has really stepped it up this season ...
  13. jamesgould

    Andrew Johns Vs Allan Langer?

    That's what I said. Langer didn't win man of the series though, it wasn't awarded in 2002. Origin man of the series was only awarded haphazardly until 2004. It's been given out every year since then.
  14. jamesgould

    Andrew Johns Vs Allan Langer?

    This isn't true, Johns didn't play in 2001, but there was also 1996 and 1998. 1996: Johns 3, Langer 0 (Johns named at hooker, but played hooker in defence, halfback in attack) 1998: Langer 2, Johns 1 2002: Johns 1, Langer 1, one draw Overall: Johns 5, Langer 3, one draw Is there a...
  15. jamesgould

    Willow Cup :: Titans vs Ninjas - Final

    Well done Titans!
  16. jamesgould

    Willow Cup :: Titans vs Ninjas - Final

    Best of luck to both sides!!! :)
  17. jamesgould

    Word counter error

    Ahh right, I noticed my team had a few disparities in what they had put as thier word count and what the word counter said for me, as well. I got that error every time I used it, as well.
  18. jamesgould

    4 nations 2014

    League's Four Nations final set for Wellington DAVID LONG Last updated 05:03 06/04/2014 Wellington is in for a bonanza of rugby league with this year's Four Nations final set to take place in the city on November 15, while the Warriors and Wests Tigers are looking at playing each other twice a...
  19. jamesgould

    Willow Cup :: Titans vs Ninjas - Final

    Chuck Norris Texas Death Ninjas: eozsmiles saints4ever jamesgould (c) Bench: Frank Grimes edabomb Russell Crowe's Band Vin Fizz