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    Worst. Grand Final. Ever.

    Rabbits by 50. At half time.
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    '14 // PF2 // Sat // Panthers 12-18 Bulldogs // ANZ

    Tigers gave him the boot mid season for a reason. Lazy.
  3. M

    South Sydney Rabbitohs in the Grand Final

    Congrats to souths. It's refreshing not having the usual scum in the grand final.
  4. M


    Tapau play good. Make run and tackle good.
  5. M

    Who will be Wests Tigers Coach in 2015?

    Well that was fun. Complete circle jerk from your original point. You're a grade A imbecile. Edit: 05, not ink.
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    Inglis' post-try celebration

    Because he is aboriginal? Goanna is sacred dreamtime creature? I'm just guessing.
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    Who will be Wests Tigers Coach in 2015?

    For a start, Folkes was our fitness coach when we made the finals in 10 and 11. It was our only finals appearances since 2005 so I guess He had us in top condition and could do it again.
  8. M

    Who will be Wests Tigers Coach in 2015?

    Same shit went on with Noyce and Humphries at the helm. Blaming Mayer for this mess is a stretch.
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    Caption Time

    Bennett: Shut up Ben. Ikin: Yes dad.
  10. M

    New board to be announced today

    Good luck with white tiger. I'm sure it will happen it you wish enough.
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    New board to be announced today

    Benny dare show his face there the scumbag. Hope he is putting in some of his millions. He was the one who got the club into this.
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    Who will be Wests Tigers Coach in 2015?

    Good point. Hopefully Griffin then as he would be able to attract Broncos on the outer. Taylor would bring nothing but his thin lips and alcoholism.
  13. M

    Takairangi (not) signed

    There must be an experienced forward somewhere. Shame we didn't get Tariq Sims or someone similar. We will struggle if We don't add forwards.
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    Who will be Wests Tigers Coach in 2015?

    Payten only stopped playing 3 seasons ago. I guess he could lace up his boots again and cover the personnel we lack up front. Player/captains lap dog/coach.
  15. M

    Dave Smith will make a major announcement about the Titans

    Yet if they were relocating to Perth you'd be jizzing your pants.
  16. M

    New board to be announced today

    Yeah. I get those two mixed up. Lol. The etc etc etc was supposed to compensate for that.
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    Caption Time

    Ha ha. Suck it bro. Nothing wrong with my neck been playing you fools milking penalties for years.

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