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  1. Wato

    2018 R19 Fri - Sharks 28-24 Raiders @ SC Group

    Wether it went back or not does not matter the touchie put his flag up so the play was dead. Raiders fans entitled to be filthy about that.
  2. Wato

    3rd Test: South Africa v Australia at Newlands, Capetown, March 22-26, 2018

    Any captain who felt the need to ball tamper with that attack ain’t up to the job. Smith and Lehman need to go and we need to replace them with people that are highly respected both within cricket and by the public or the public will lose faith in CA and test crickets attendance problems will...
  3. Wato

    Royal Rumble 2018 chat *** SPOILERS ***

    What happened to Dillinger’s has happened a number of times before and that entrant just loses their place like when Rowan did it to Axell or Foley did it to test and I think Angel did it to someone one year too. It’s just one of those odd WWE rules. Jim Johnston’s departure is interesting...
  4. Wato

    Royal Rumble 2018 chat *** SPOILERS ***

    Amazing rumble best I have ever watched. WWE got their booking perfect tonight furthered storylines and cemented Asuka and Nakamura as stars plus Rouseys debut was great really well handled. I think Rousey being full time she might get the belt before Mania and face Asuka their.
  5. Wato


    Kenny macintosh has spoken pretty openly about WC on inside the ropes sounds like a terrible place to work not paying people, mistreating employees and a boss with no communication skills. At one point the boss tried to force him to hand over the rights to inside the ropes to WC even thou he...
  6. Wato

    Super Mario Odyssey

    Brought a switch for this game and am very happy with it. Onto the wooded kingdom now and it's fantastic particularly enjoy the 3D to 2d segments it feels very much like a sequel to 64 rather than galaxy and as someone who grew up playing PlayStation it reminds me of spyro a little bit in the...
  7. Wato

    WWE SuperThread II *Spoilers*

    They will probably face Gable and Benjamin or they could bring back Harper and Rowan as a face team. I think the AOP will end up on smackdown sometime after Survivor Series and go up against the Usos.
  8. Wato

    WWE SuperThread II *Spoilers*

    Loved the ending to the main event and can't wait to see the fallout on SDL plus seems like on talking smack AJ was laying the ground work up for a classic survivor series match. I thought most of the matches were pretty good tonight particularly the two cell matches plus the triple threat US...
  9. Wato

    Nintendo NX - Next Gen Harware Concept

    That third party support is pretty impressive for the switch and has finally convinced me to buy one so have the Mario bundle pre ordered those joy cons look great. Crash Bandicoot n sane trilogy has really rekindled my love for platformers from when I was a kid so can't wait for Mario and than...
  10. Wato

    2017 Elim Final, Sun - Sharks 14-15* Cowboys @ Allianz

    It's was his forearm not his hand on the ball you can't ground the ball with your forearm. Try was the right call.
  11. Wato

    2017 R25 Fri - Raiders 46-28 Knights @ GIO

    20 penalties for the game already put the damn whistle away and let them play some damn footy, the refs have ruined this game for both side tonight and turned it into the worst game of the season.
  12. Wato

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Those new overwatch skins are real nice particularly Junkrats Australia ODI skin plus window maker and mercy have some good looking new skins. Has me actually contemplating buying loot boxes and I have never brought loot boxes in a game before I rarely even buy DLC unless I really love the game.
  13. Wato

    Confirmed Signings

    He would be a great buy and hopefully the club is doing everything to get him to the Knights but it all really depends on Cronk and I think he will retire. Maloney and an experienced prop would cap off a very good year of recruitment thou.
  14. Wato

    Confirmed Signings

    Yea I am excited at his potential he was very good for the roosters on the weekend, Looks like he will be playing six for the Knights next year so hopefully we can get the best out of his running game.
  15. Wato

    Confirmed Signings

    Connor Watson has signed a 3 year deal with the Knights just got the members email about it, also up on the website.
  16. Wato

    Shut Up And Take My Money

    Their would be some pretty heated debates of the team would be a bit of a bummer too when you could not convince a publisher to allow their game on their. The classic consoles is such a cool idea and has appealed to people who have dropped out of gaming surely Sony has to be looking to get...
  17. Wato

    Shut Up And Take My Money

    This looks great I have an NES mini and it is a great way to play these old games but I don't think I will be picking up the SNES just a few too many new games I want to play plus I am holding out on a switch hoping for a bundle closer to Christmas. It is a great list of games thou and Nintendo...
  18. Wato

    PS4 War games advice

    I have only played through the campaign for battlefield one and that took me about 6 hours to finish but you could go back and get collectables etc, not sure about the others thou.
  19. Wato

    PS4 War games advice

    I have only heard good things plus the sequel looks amazing been thinking of picking it up since E3.
  20. Wato

    PS4 War games advice

    Battlefield one is a great game set in World War One and has both a campaign and multiplayer. If you like alternative history games Wolfenstien the new order is very good outside of that the sniper elite games are supposed to be fun games set during WW2 but I have never played them myself so...

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