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  1. Bubbles

    Mitchell Pearce

    Exactly! It was clear as day this was the tactic. As said, he was never going to be a superstar at this level, but he had a good game, was executing the plan and only those determined to hate on the guy could be so blind as to miss this.
  2. Bubbles

    Dogz 3 2 1s

    3 Cords 2 SKD 3 Jimmy Was a close call between Jimmy and Hastings - geez this kid has me excited. He has a footy brain, instinct and composure well beyond his age and experience. Cannot wait to see him what he becomes under Robbo!!
  3. Bubbles

    Minichiello Retirement

    I remember going to the launch of the 2000 season at Fox Studios, looking at a poster of the Roosters side and going "Who the hell is Minichello?" It wasn't long before myself and everybody else knew exactly who Mini was. Champion player, champion guy and will forever be one of my favourite...
  4. Bubbles

    3.2.1 V Newcastle

    Every single one of them needs to take a good hard look at their individual performances this year - last year everybody knew their role and took responsibility for their own performance within the team effort. That's the frustrating part, we've still got the team to do it, to give it a good...
  5. Bubbles

    2014 Round 3 :: Titans v Souths

    Bubbles takes the first hit up for Souths... It Ends Here! This year my husband and I will celebrate nine years together as a couple. During that time we've been married and had a son together, only necessarily in that order. We've had passionate arguments and even more passionate make-up...
  6. Bubbles

    2014 Round 2 :: Souths vs Ninjas

    Bubbles on for Souths Dear Nick Politis As I long-term supporter of the Sydney Roosters I am compelled to write to you in regards to a troubling issue. But first, allow me to express my respect and gratitude for all you have done and continue to do for our great club. All Rooster...
  7. Bubbles

    2014 Round 1 :: Souths vs Bluebags

    At least it's 4 v 4 and not a win/loss by default. Great reads, good luck everyone! Oh and I think I heard something about a spate of keyboard robberies - apparently it's an epidemic!!
  8. Bubbles

    2014 Round 1 :: Souths vs Bluebags

    Bubbles on for Souths __________________________________ Care-less Friday night rocks around again, as it's inclined to do on a weekly basis and I'm huddled under five layers of clothing. The heater whirs to life emitting a stream of hot air, too far away to thaw my extremities straight off...
  9. Bubbles

    Willow Cup :: Souths vs Ninjas - Round 1

    Congrats Ninjas and in RCB for POTM well deserved and thanks NT for uber fast reffing. 1 point, that's harsh lol! NT, we are well aware of the upcoming rematch. My Rooster mate suggested a while ago that he, myself and my husband go along to watch the one at Parra Stadium - you should have...
  10. Bubbles

    Willow Cup :: Souths vs Ninjas - Round 1

    Bubbles takes the final hit up for Souths ___________________ When a Picture Paints a Thousand Words... Yet I Only Get 750 Seriously, how bad was it? It is a date we don't look forward to, a date on the sporting calendar circled in dark spiteful black circles of ink. My husband...
  11. Bubbles

    '14 // R1 // Thu // Rabbitohs 28-8 Roosters // ANZ

    Congrats Souffs fans, too good tonight. I would expect a massive verbal reaming from Robbo after the effort from the boys tonight and don't see us putting in another pissweak effort like this next week against Parra. Love the premature predictions coming after the first game of Round 1, just...
  12. Bubbles

    '14 // R1 // Thu // Rabbitohs 28-8 Roosters // ANZ

    Good lord BM, my five year old learns quicker than you do! You have given me a great ole belly laugh here, so thanks for that. Should be a close one, but I'm going to go Chooks by 10. If the vermin do get up, which they very well could, I'll be disappointed for about 10 minutes before...
  13. Bubbles

    2014 Pre Season :: F7 All Stars vs F7 Marauders

    Bubbles on for The Marauders _______________________________ Loyalty Ever since I started following the sport of choice for my new State, NSW, I have heard the word 'loyalty' mentioned above any other in relation to Rugby League. Back then it was focused around the Super League break-away...
  14. Bubbles

    Off-topic lol@souffs: Sam pea-heart Burgess

    I don't comment much on the forums, but just had to say a huge thank you for a few contributions to this thread, has started off my day with a great laugh. First, Muzby and Adam, outstanding, got a great chuckle and thought that was the end of it. But no, then comes the question, "What did the...
  15. Bubbles

    Hottest 100

    Yeah Paulyboy, I know what you're saying, I thought last year's number one was crap and I think you're right about the number one this year, which I also think is a very average song. However, being many years older than you (who is apparently getting old lol) I have accepted the youngsters get...
  16. Bubbles

    Hottest 100

    Shit, I'm 44 and Top 100 is still one of my husband and my favourite days of the year. We are lucky as we have really ecclectic tastes when it comes to music and while we find that, yes, there's a lot of pop crap that's snuck it's way into the Js, it's still a great countdown with generally a...
  17. Bubbles

    2013 Grand Final :: Souths v Titans

    No probs NT, I'm sitting up in the Blue Mountains with fires either side of me down the mountain, so completely understand the chaos... and the over-stressing mother!!
  18. Bubbles

    2013 Grand Final :: Souths v Titans

    Bubbles on for Souths... Aftermath of a GF My vision blurs, colour and movement in pixelated fog. Hand brushes across my face and I’m genuinely surprised when it comes away wet. That’s when I realise I’m crying, tears streaming, splashing onto my jersey. My jersey! Rooooooooosters...
  19. Bubbles


    I feel so ripped off by the last episode/season of one of my favourite shows. Before the season began I heard something about how the Dexter people wanted to wrap it up end of season 8, but that Showtime were pushing them to go around for one more season and make a season 9. What it looked...
  20. Bubbles

    2013 Round 5 :: Souths vs Bluebags

    Bubbles on for Souffs In Treatment The silence was drawing uncomfortably into minutes the rhythmic beat of the fan the only noise to permeate the room. The man shifts his buttocks, friction against leather sending a farting sound into the tension soaked space, eliciting a stifled...