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  1. Murf

    Hayne needs to get an education

    It was my roommates that were training with Hayne recently (including the one that fell over and ate shit on the Sports Tonight story). So I got down and watched him run some drills. He is looking sharp as all hell. I am still skeptical as to whether or not he will make it and to be honest as a...
  2. Murf

    Top 10 halves in NRL

    If we are lumping 6's and 7's in together I think that Sandow is genuinely a better player than Hokko and J Reynolds. However at his best I would have him around level with Jamie Soward.
  3. Murf

    Rumoured signings 2014 / 2015

    Kurtley Beale to Raiders? Saw it on one of those Facebook Rugby League pages. Seemed like a joke and legit at the same time somehow. *Edit* I didn't check where the original link came...
  4. Murf

    Slash from Guns N’ Roses’ will headline NRL grand final day entertainment

    I don't know what everyone is so concerned about, Slash isn't even a real person. I wonder who the NRL are going to get to play him this year?
  5. Murf

    Create your ultimate plodder

  6. Murf

    Hayne named games best player

    That try against Saints in 09 is to this day still the best I have ever seen. What a player, what a freak. At his best he leaves every other fullback in his dust, at eighty percent there are probably only one or two that can match him. We have all heard all the arguments "if Hayne was in a...
  7. Murf

    Ray Price should be on this list

    f**k he was an absolute gun for us. Made me a Parra fan.
  8. Murf

    Jarryd Hayne - Make him an Eel for Life

    That'll do me. The funniest thing ever posted on this forum.
  9. Murf

    Buy of the year so far

    Could be Danny Wicks. Watch this space.
  10. Murf

    QLD side Game 2

    You have serious mental issues.
  11. Murf

    Jarryd Hayne

    I think a convincing argument could be put forward that Hayne has surpassed Slater now. Whether or not that is to do with his progress or the digression of Billy is up for debate however.
  12. Murf

    Great NRL pictures

    My roommates mum is the coach of the Penrith Cheerleaders. Might ask her to organise us a meet and greet.
  13. Murf

    Most exciting players in the NRL

  14. Murf

    What to do with Greg Bird

    Drop Hoffman or T Rex. Sorted.
  15. Murf

    "Baby Broncos"

    Because everybody hates you.
  16. Murf

    Pommy Plodders bringing the Wazn to the NRL

    I'll say it again. Haynetrain is easily the funniest person on this forum.
  17. Murf

    one vote: player of the season so far

  18. Murf

    NSW Team 2014

    In previous years I'd have picked A Reynolds over Hodkinson, however I reckon this year they are more or less interchangeable with one another.
  19. Murf


    Good to see him finally getting the wraps on here that he deserves with most people finally having him in his best position in their Origin teams. Been NSW's best fullback for most of his career and arguably the best in the world for a part of it as well. I have to ask what has made most...
  20. Murf

    with bird suspended, is wade graham in?

    I'm his little sisters history teacher, she reckons he broke a rib last night.