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  1. Amadean

    2014 Round 1 :: Titans vs Ninjas

    Amadean trots on for the Titans, looks at the vacant opposition bench and throws out 744 relieved words ------------------------------------ A Junior League Coach’s Guide to Improving League Idiotically Look, we nearly all of us saw last month’s “try of the century” by the Rabbitoh’s...
  2. Amadean

    Willow Cup :: Titans vs Ninjas - Final

    Thanks for the quick turn-around referees! The two-marking system is interesting - more feedback is always good. Congratulations Titans!
  3. Amadean

    Willow Cup :: Titans vs Ninjas - Final

    Amadean for the Titans with 735 tongue-in-cheeks --------------------------------------- Australian Rugby League Commission Press Release: Complete Ban on Lifting Tackles to Commence from May 2014 After full consideration and analysis, the Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) has of...
  4. Amadean

    2014 Pre Season :: F7 All Stars vs F7 Marauders

    Amadean for the All-Stars, bringing 749 specially-sharpened words to hurl into the Marauders scrum. ------ Pre-season A hollow room, vast and quiet. Shadows lie away from the walls, away from where screens throw a sickly blue light towards the table. Each screen holds a different captured...
  5. Amadean

    2013 Grand Final :: Souths v Titans

    Oh, and LeagueNut, the ad is for 'Toughman' - a manga hero from Yakult tv ads. And yeah, the image is a touch suspicious.
  6. Amadean

    2013 Grand Final :: Souths v Titans

    Hey, an imperfect end to the season doesn't mean it wasn't a good match against deserving opponents. Thanks Rabbits for the match, and thanks Titanic for keeping us going this long. And cheers for the joint-joint-POTGF refs!
  7. Amadean

    2013 Grand Final :: Souths v Titans

    Amadean struts on proudly for the Titans with 749 words below the bar. ------------- League fans are doing it wrong There was a footy match the other week, a pretty good one too. As Grand Finals go it was certainly one of the better matches I haven’t attended. A friend of mine...
  8. Amadean

    2013 Preliminary Final :: Titans v Ninjas

    Amadean for the Titans with 714 below the bar. ---------------------------- Indisputable evidence that Newcastle will win this year’s Grand Final. In which Your Humble Author presents a series of connected Anecdotes. These together may enable you, our Generous and Insightful Reader...
  9. Amadean

    2013 Major Semi Final :: Souths v Titans

    Amadean for the Titans with 738 below the bar. ---------------------- Night of the Living Dead (Cowboys) Now that the regular season is only a Thurston-mustache from being over, the Cowboys have sat up and declared that ‘I’m not dead!’ This declaration came as a surprise...
  10. Amadean

    2013 Round 4 :: Titans vs Ninjas

    Heh, nah. Its about seeing how the factory-building, computer-buying etc behaviour of Japanese companies changes in response to stock price / yen changes. But, yeah, minimising yen exposure right now seems a pretty popular plan.
  11. Amadean

    2013 Round 4 :: Titans vs Ninjas

    Oh, and NT? Long Title? Bah! You really don't know how lucky you are. Draft title of my current working paper: "Wealth effects or Yen depreciation? A time-varying analysis of structural drivers in Japanese private fixed investment."
  12. Amadean

    2013 Round 4 :: Titans vs Ninjas

    Close game's a good game. Thanks for the skill and sportsmanship Ninjas.
  13. Amadean

    2013 Round 4 :: Titans vs Ninjas

    Yeah, I couldn't to get OWC to work either, in fact this link to it here is still down for me.
  14. Amadean

    2013 Round 4 :: Titans vs Ninjas

    Amadean for the Titans with 743 between the bars ------------------------ An economist’s guide to the cost-benefit analysis of Benji Marshall’s departure In this essay we consider a very hard question: how should we, as League fans, feel about Benji Marshall’s shift to Union...
  15. Amadean

    2013 Round 2 :: Titans vs Bluebags

    Amadean wanders enthusiastically onto the field with 749 sweaty words below the bar *********************** A much anticipated Origin This week will welcome the first Origin match of 2013. If this was news to you, welcome to the forum and what the hell have you been doing with your life...
  16. Amadean

    2013 Round 1 :: Saints vs Titans

    Glad to be back on the paddock. 746 below the bar **************************************************** 7 Subjects on which I would gladly take Joey Johns’ advice Please note: this article is a work of fiction; a parody of famous Persons. It bears no resemblance to reality. The...
  17. Amadean

    2011 FINALS - Minor Semi Final: Ninjas -V- Titans

    Amadean struts aimlessly around for the Titans, until the signal from the captain releases 747 words of pure passion. *********** In Memoriam Saturday the 17th of September will bear witness to an awesome occasion; the final Bennett vs. Lockyer. In honour of this weekend’s...
  18. Amadean

    2011 ROUND 10: Rabbitohs -V- Titans

    We're pretty happy with getting all 5 in too. Good game Bunnies, looking forward to reading your work!
  19. Amadean

    2011 ROUND 10: Rabbitohs -V- Titans

    Amadean with 749 deeply rational and carefully considered words between the bars for the Titans ----------------------- Bled Dry All the pub’s screens were switched away from the Cowboys-Sharks match, and so I spent Saturday evening in front of the Wallabies. And whilst I was...