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    Rumoured Targets 3

    Ok so who do you all replace Pearce with? If you think Pearce is the problem who are you swapping him out for? Who is our future??
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    Match Discussion: Round 3 vs Raiders @ GIO Stadium Canberra

    Be happy to see Watson at 5/8 like he was start of last year. Worked simpler for pearce and team. I’d say Lino but I do t think he’s completed a game yet with his knee injury. Big no to Mann, don’t change the team so much. Two tight losses isn’t reason to go crazy with changes.
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    Match Discussion: Round 2 vs Panthers @ McDonald Jones Stadium

    Tough loss but will learn from it, still great desperate defence on line in second half. Still need to bring backline into game more. Special mention to Hymal Hunt. His defence was epic tonight. Saved a couple certain tries.
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    Match Discussion: Round 1 vs Sharks @ McDonald Jones Stadium

    Barnett was quite impressive in two trials. Herman also great but did miss a couple goal line one on ones leading to tries. He’ll be back hungrier than ever. Barnett obviously knew his position was in the line during pre season and produced the goods in trials. Gotta reward him.
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    Match Discussion: Round 10 vs Panthers @ McDonald Jones Stadium

    We said the same thing about Slade but he’s been terrific. Glasby is a major upgrade on all our current forward stocks bar Herman. May not make 150m a game but that’s why I said we’ll need another prop signing front him and Wallace. Something that makes twins etc have to fight incredibly hard to...
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    Match Discussion: Round 10 vs Panthers @ McDonald Jones Stadium

    Also this game was a spitting image to last week. Start terribly, can’t control they’re forwards or ruck, turn of tide with momentum, score a couple great tries to get back in game. Than miss an opportunity or two to take the lead then buckle and let them run away with it in the end. Damn shame...
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    Match Discussion: Round 10 vs Panthers @ McDonald Jones Stadium

    Looks like that’s the go currently mate, close to signing Glasby and Wallace looks promising. Another explosive prop will be needed out of that though.
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    Match Discussion: Round 9 vs Rabbitohs @ McDonald Jones Stadium

    Our attacknis just exciting isn’t it. Mostly to do with Ponga but I feel like the whole team as the year goes on is starting to gain a few notches of confidence under their belts. We’ll only get better there, rest of season needs to be focused on defence and mentality. This team has shown that...
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    Match Discussion: Round 8 vs Sea Eagles @ Lottoland

    Very strong win. Manly were terrible but when they put some pressure on we looked a little shaken and let in that try but then we’re able to steady themselves and mount a comeback. Very scrappy, but they kept it very simple which is what they needed to do. You could see that if they stayed in...
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    Your team v Manly

    Long field kicking is going to suffer with out a doubt. Pearce put in sonpearler kicks early season to get us out of trouble. To flip that, again the lads need to have high intensity kick chase going for 80minutes. There’s just no denying the amount of intensity they have to run and tackle...
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    Your team v Manly

    One of the biggest parts of Pearce’s game we’ll miss is hiss one on one defence and his 1%’s he’s been behind the line knocking the ball dead on more occasions then Ponga. Whole team needs to lift drastically to fill just the energy and intelligence of Peace.
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    Match Discussion: Round 7 vs Wests Tigers @ Scully Park

    Need to give a massive wrap to Luke Yates and Ken Sio. Two uncompromising players who did fantastic work this game. And Sio last round against melb. His professional finishers are proving very decisive. Nice work to Yatesy’s first game. Came out and made some big hits that really motivated the team.
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    Match Discussion: Round 7 vs Wests Tigers @ Scully Park

    Jesus Noname cheers up mate. Whole squad played great footie tonight. Great defence through whole game bar that 10mins of tigers momentum. I have to give a wrap to Sione merely because the very heavy bashing he’s had this week, but he responded. Wasn’t brilliant but he did the simple things...
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    Rumoured Targets 3

    Knights couldn’t afford to NOT make a play at them. We need depth in backline and ACTUAL talent, let alone the experience they both have. I don’t see a 1st grade quality backline player in lower grades bar Tom Hughes and Meaney and both coming back from injury so won’t see potential in them for...
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    Match Discussion: Round 7 vs Wests Tigers @ Scully Park

    Can everyone remember this post please the next time they feel like bashing Sione if he has a bad game. Kid hast been classically trained in any position yet & if signings go well next year he could find himself on bench in utility role or back row again.
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    On top of that the team clearly needs more work together in defensive structures and making those 1% moments for 80mins and help your mate in defence. The lack of talk out there in some defensive sets is appalling.
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    I have zero doubt that Brown and Mooney wanted more depth in centre position before this year. But that didn’t work out in end and best option was Moga and Sione. I believe Brown would be very disappointed in how Sione has gone defensively this year, but that goes for most of team in the games...
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    Match Discussion: Round 1 vs Sea Eagles @ McDonald Jones Stadium

    I wouldn’t be surprised this decision has more come down to Lamb having a fantastic off season and Brown needing to reward him for it. Levi was the unlucky one there and for a reason only Brown knows and out of ANYONE, he is the only one worthy to make that choice. I will say I was very keen...
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    Rumoured Targets 3

    100%. $600,000 to a top level center would be better too, but regardless it works much better for both sides. Means who ever drops to Reggies during year it'll be partnered with Cogger.
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    Dane hides behind 'They didn't want me' excuse for going to the Bunnies

    Yeah, unless the journo has played with his words and written it how he wanted to come out (which is highly possible) then this is the nail in the coffin for me with Gagai. Pretty stupid thing to say "I was unwanted" when he had an option to play for and the club was Absolutely right to put new...