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  1. Still Nutty

    KOTR vs Tigers

    2 DSaf 2 Watson 1 Frizz 1 Barnett
  2. Still Nutty

    KOTR v Warriors

    2 Brailey 1 Best 1 Hunt 1 Barnett 1 Frizzell
  3. Still Nutty

    Match Discussion: Round 2 vs Warriors @ Central Coast Stadium

    Welcome aboard and look forward to your contributions:cool:
  4. Still Nutty

    KOTW v Dogs

    X 2
  5. Still Nutty

    Match Discussion: Round 1 vs Canterbury @ McDonald Jones Stadium

    Very happy overall with the performance for a season opener and the cohesion we saw for round 1. Particularly happy with the discipline we saw from the team....the more we can consistently sit on the right side of the penalty/ 6 again ledger, the more games we will win. Also generally happy...
  6. Still Nutty

    Trial versus Storm

    110:15 PRE-SEASON TRIALS NRL Trials: Storm v Knights 2 days ago
  7. Still Nutty

    Trial versus Storm

    Link has been posted... Watch LIVE: Knights v Storm - Knights (
  8. Still Nutty

    Trial versus Storm

    The Storm had a 'trial' listed down on the Sunny Coast this Saturday and a fan day on the Friday and their media team have posted the following (4 days ago) re the cancellation and the planned Knights trial - Storm pre-season update - Storm ( Seems they are flagging that...
  9. Still Nutty

    2020/21 Offseason - Knights

    for all the crap they cop, congratulations to Paul Kent and the Telegraph (I won't use their pseudonym in this instance) for actually going to the trouble of setting the record straight and putting a more accurate and less sensationalist version of the story out there in the Press... They get...
  10. Still Nutty

    2020/21 Offseason - Knights

    And in the real world.... Jirah Momoisea ruptures his achilles and is out for 6 months - it’s started already :(:mad:
  11. Still Nutty

    Mullen charged on supply drugs charges

    Just another take on the return of Mullen....
  12. Still Nutty

    Mullen charged on supply drugs charges
  13. Still Nutty

    Mullen charged on supply drugs charges

    considering how little he played when he was on our roster due to persistent injuries and the fact his 34 year old body hasn't had the sustained rigors of an NRL career had he played right through, he possibly has got a couple of good seasons left in him....if his hammies can hold together...
  14. Still Nutty


    I originally thought of Klemmer some time back as Captain material when there were rumblings about Pearce but I've completely changed my mind about him as a good choice for captain for a few reasons...don't get me wrong, I genuinely love everything about Klem and what he is to the Knights - I...
  15. Still Nutty

    Munster overrated

    No No the Blues win because Qld obviously have way too many players on the field at one time for that scenario to be reasonable ;)
  16. Still Nutty

    Should Jai Arrow have gone to the sin bin?

    Under the current 'norms' for players giving the opposition a serve when they make an error he has nothing to answer is not a good look but it is not a sin bin or a penalty. The bigger issue for the league is that there needs to be a shift in policy on how they educate, police and...
  17. Still Nutty

    Out of Position Origin Essentials

    I personally thought Wighton and Gutho were both very ordinary last week, particularly in defence...and not just because they played out of position. Gagai made Wighton look useless in one on one defence a couple of times when he was in position to effect a tackle - one that led to the Coates...
  18. Still Nutty

    Rumoured Targets 3

    I don't generally like to re-hash old indiscretions but..... There is a dog that wasn't too fond of the idea :p
  19. Still Nutty

    2020/21 Offseason - Knights

    The sad part is that we haven't seen anywhere near the best of Best this season because 95% of the time he has been used as an extra forward battering ram...and not as a Centre. That comes down to a few things that have compounded our problems this year: a game plan that didn't have any focus...
  20. Still Nutty

    Rumoured Targets 3

    Thanks Burwood, I do recall that was the source originally but I heard Freddie interviewed the other day on the Big Sports Breakfast I can't get it to play at the moment but I'm sure he actually made references to why some players were picked and...