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  1. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    NHL 2013-2014 Season!

    :lol:It does seem a bit much. I think he way past his best. Decent and will still do a job but that's about it.
  2. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    Life without the big three

    The sooner they learnt to play without them the better coz even with them it isn't great especially of late
  3. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    Storm won't make the top 8 in 014!

    Average defense and pretty weak offence. It don't matter who plays or doesn't player, never mind the injuries.
  4. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    Caption Time

  5. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    Player Lookalikes

    :lol:That is just..LOL
  6. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    Bulldogs' victory/theme song.

    I don't remember any team song being played in 2011 from the preliminary final, or in in previous years when teams have played a finals game against the Storm in Melbourne. It's always been generic. The stupidity of the NRL to try and make AAMI Park a Sydney team's home ground was even more stupid.
  7. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    The big three are three years too old

    Yes they are getting on the old side, and things change. But the team overall has weak defense particularly this year on the edges, and too much of the play has revolved around the three players. Plus with the others not really stepping up, only sporadically this kind of year was always going to...
  8. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    2014 Round 3 :: Titans v Souths

    Posting by proxy for Horrie is God, after finding him asleep in the locker room and Monk has gone walkabouts... *** A special player. Round 1 of each footy season is that magical time when every team is on the same amount of points, and each fan can dream that " this is the year." I am no...
  9. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    2014 Round 3 :: Titans v Souths

    byrne_rovelli_fan82 comes crashing in from the wing! ~~ Body Clock Cruelty. The crowd was a buzz of excitement. It wasn’t hard to feel the same way while we warmed up. Hearing the fans cheering for us when came out on the field and seeing the expressions on their faces light up as they...
  10. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    2014 Round 2 :: Souths vs Ninjas

    byrne_rovelli_fan82 for Souths ~~~ Not so Origin In a couple of days Game 1 of Origin 2014 gets underway. Supposedly this is meant to be a ‘new Blues’ outfit, going for glory.’ They have new ideas; a new team and they are looking to break the infamous hoodoo. Well, I have to...
  11. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    The 2013 Forum 7's Awards Night!

    No food? Bad bad Timmah! Lol
  12. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    2013 Grand Final :: Souths v Titans

    Thanks heaps to our captain Monk, the best person I've played under, ever!!!! :-D
  13. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    2013 Grand Final :: Souths v Titans

    Thank You Refs Thank You Titans and THANK YOU BUNNIES!!
  14. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    2013 Grand Final :: Souths v Titans

    D'oh you had me all excited when I saw your name saying you posted!!! Fail on my part!! haha
  15. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    2013 Grand Final :: Souths v Titans

    You'r ein DC? Woo!!! I was too way back in August. How you liking it? Understandable don't worry Titanic. Sometimes things happen. I don't believe anything is over until we see proof!! Enjoy your time in DC though!
  16. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    NHL 2013-2014 Season!

    Bloody Devils... why is their coach still in charge?? LOL. Avs haven't lost yet. Pens eventually lost to the Panthers of all teams and nearly chocked against Tampa bar Sid getting the hatrick and another guys' game winner. Detroit's power play finally woke up vs Flyers who are going really...
  17. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    2013 Grand Final :: Souths v Titans

    byrne_rovelli_fan82 for South Sydney ~~ The Sam Tomkins Experiment It was rugby league’s worst kept secret. Despite best efforts from the NZ Warriors Rugby League club and their English Super League counterparts, Wigan Warriors to keep it all under wraps, rumors broke like wild fire. It...
  18. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    NHL 2013-2014 Season!

    9:30pm ET US which is 12:30pm AEST Oilers v Devils from Edmonton, shall be watching / following via Game Center and Twitter!
  19. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    NHL 2013-2014 Season!

    The games played and results from today are: Hurricanes 2-1 Flyers. Goals scored by: J. Harrison (Car), L. Schenn (Phi) & R Dvorak (Car) Ducks 3-2 Jets. Goals scored by: A. Ladd x2 (Wpg), M. Perrault (Ana), A. Cogliano (Ana), C. Perry (Ana) Canucks 5-4 Flames. Goals scored by: D. Booth (Van)...
  20. byrne_rovelli_fan82

    NHL 2013-2014 Season!

    Sorry for not posting results and up and coming games. Anyway, any results so far since the start of the season that has surprised you guys? The Avs, Leafs going great guns early. or the Flyers looking way off the pace, the Devils whom are 0-2, the Preds seem to haven't changed much...etc..??