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  1. lolesi


    i definitely think the better structure and our halves going forward to deliver the ball to our forward moving pigs helped, it is a flow on effect - brings confidence, brings metres, brings a desire to take a win that looks obtainable. Completion rates also help when our kicks go to ground, or...
  2. lolesi

    The Kincumber domino

    not me chewy, all snoop, my friend.
  3. lolesi

    3-2-1 vs Titans

    SJ Ramien BB
  4. lolesi

    Chad to Raiders?

    Like them both also GS. Quality.
  5. lolesi

    Chad to Raiders?

    Emre Gul - all day, he is a gun.
  6. lolesi

    GAME DAY vs The Filthy Queens.

    On us. Stay down, everyone else does.
  7. lolesi

    GAME DAY vs The Filthy Queens.

    this is so bad haha
  8. lolesi

    Flanagan's returning ?

    he got turfed from the same organisation our new coach is coming from... should say enough on the chances of Flanno coming back.
  9. lolesi

    Hear From Fitzy

    impressive interview.
  10. lolesi

    GAME DAY - CSS vs. SSR

    Nikora, why are you like this.
  11. lolesi

    GAME DAY - CSS vs. SSR

    we are the worst team in the comp that has the Bulldogs and tigers and a dragons team in the top 8.
  12. lolesi

    GAME DAY - CSS vs. SSR

    it was, but it’s us so it doesn’t matter
  13. lolesi

    A Reynolds

    sorry chimp, but suggesting brooks should be a 30 day forum suspension
  14. lolesi

    A Reynolds

    Hard to find a positive out of this. we are in trouble
  15. lolesi

    A Reynolds

    absolutely. just read Facebook comments on the articles. terrible viewing
  16. lolesi

    A Reynolds

    true, but not for very long, in a team already getting smashed. Not a very fair sample size.
  17. lolesi

    Lost For Words

    I might be going off a bit here but I personally don’t think things are ideal atm.
  18. lolesi

    Chad hooked

    I still can’t believe what they are paying him for the amount of time. unbelievable
  19. lolesi

    GAME DAY vs the Pennie Panthers.

    ref says it goes back Kennedy just gives up and he calls knock on. says everything about the head space of these players.