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  1. NK Arsenal

    Match Discussion: R13 vs Parramatta @ McDonald Jones - Old Boys Day

    What’s our final 17 gonna look like? Will it be something like this? 1. Hoy 2. Toa 3. Tuala 4. Best 5. Musgrove 18. Clifford 7. Crossland 8. Sue 9. Brailey (c) 10. J Saifiti 11. Fitzgibbon 13. Barnett 6. Watson 12. Jones 14. Mann 15. King 16. Johns
  2. NK Arsenal

    2021 R11 Sat - Sydney 16-34 Brisbane @ SCG

    What’s going on with Kelly’s head gear?
  3. NK Arsenal

    The Game 2021 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc

    As a knights fan I was filthy they have stolen our idea of wearing orange v the Tigers
  4. NK Arsenal

    NRL two conferences

    What about 3 Conferences of 6 instead? Conference 1 Brisbane Brisbane 2 Gold Coast North Queensland Auckland NZ 2 Conference 2 Newcastle Manly Sydney City South Sydney St George Cronulla Conference 3 Penrith Parramatta Canterbury Wests Melbourne Canberra Play everyone in...
  5. NK Arsenal

    The Game 2021 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc

    That bulldogs one is an awesome design, the only fault I have with it is the red Sydney tools box Who are the names inside the white V?
  6. NK Arsenal

    Rumoured Targets 3

    Is Jackson Hastings worth a crack for the rest of the year, if the tigers can’t get him? i understand he would have to have 2 weeks in quarantine but I don’t want to deal with Phoenix in the halves longer than necessary
  7. NK Arsenal

    The big NRL divide

    It’s all down to piss weak roster management and fitness/preparation
  8. NK Arsenal

    Match Discussion: Round 3 vs Wests Tigers @ McDonald Jones Stadium

    Shiba and Tex need to f**k right off
  9. NK Arsenal

    Nathan Brown

    Wish we kept him on as part of our recruitment and/or development team
  10. NK Arsenal

    KOTR v Warriors

    2. Brailey 2. Best 1. Barnett 1. Hunt Was very happy with Pearce’s long kicking and Sue was strong defensively in the first half too Overall another very good team performance, and while some weren’t involved much nobody played poorly
  11. NK Arsenal

    KOTW v Dogs

    3. D Saifiti 2. Frizzel 1. Klemmer I also thought Pearce tried hard and was mostly good except for the missed tackle which led to a try
  12. NK Arsenal

    The Game 2021 Crowd Watch

    Fox said knights crowd high 19s, without giving an actual figure Broncos looks 35-40k
  13. NK Arsenal

    News Warriors aiming to "buy" away games for 2022

    Personally I feel they should be trading their home games this year for away games, with their away games next year played in NZ. I’d also like Magic round to be at Eden Park or Wellington next year too
  14. NK Arsenal

    The Game 2020 Crowd Watch

    Knights fans section sold out yesterday Limited availability for category 1 I’m optimistic of 25-30k but the track work on the CC and Newcastle line could turn a lot of travelling fans away
  15. NK Arsenal

    Team vs Manly

    I feel a bit bad for Jonesy as he is doing his job coming off the bench But I don’t feel like we should be throwing him in too deep too early
  16. NK Arsenal

    Team vs Manly

    1. Ponga 2. Toa 3. Tuala 4. Shibasaki 5. Hunt 6. Green 7. Pearce (c) 8. J Safaiti 9. Mann 10. Klemmer 11. Fitzgibbon 12. Guerra 13. Barnett 14. Crossland 15. King 16. D Saifiti 17. Ese’ese
  17. NK Arsenal

    Match Discussion: Round 4 vs Raiders @ Campbelltown Stadium

    I personally feel we are playing him in the wrong position. He is a better lock than second row
  18. NK Arsenal

    Match Discussion: Round 4 vs Raiders @ Campbelltown Stadium

    Ponga, Pearce, Best, Macca, Klemmer, Hunt, Lee all very good today Sione and Guerra offer absolutely nothing in attack.
  19. NK Arsenal

    Side vs Raiders

    1. Ponga 2. Hoy 3. Tuala 4. Best 5. Hunt 6. Mann 7. Pearce 8. D Saifiti 9. McCullough 10. Klemmer 11. Fitzgibbon 12. Mata’utia 13. Ese’ese 14. Randell 15. J Saifiti 16. Jones 17. Glasby Dunno if Hoy can play wing but he needs to be in the team somewhere.
  20. NK Arsenal

    KOTR: Round 1 vs Warriors

    3 Pearce 2 Lee 1 J Saf