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  1. KennySterling

    2023 NRL GF - Sun 1 Oct - Penrith v Brisbane @ Accor

    Best was when he started on Wigan's Terry O'Connor - a flurry of punches and O'Connor just stands there, unloads one and splits Tallis.
  2. KennySterling

    Rugby Australia to target top NRL talent

    The irony being that he is anything but poor. It's just that there's more to life than money. Much more.
  3. KennySterling

    2023 PF Sat - Brisbane 42-12 Warriors @ Suncorp

    ....if Sutton is in the middle.
  4. KennySterling

    2023 PF Sat - Brisbane 42-12 Warriors @ Suncorp

    Shifty is one word....!!!
  5. KennySterling

    2023 PF Sat - Brisbane 42-12 Warriors @ Suncorp

    The dubious pr!ck got the gig for a reason eh ? FFS. On another level, how bad is the commentary of this one on Fox compared to last night. Blocker, Ennis & Big Mouth Know All
  6. KennySterling

    2023 TV/Fox/Streaming Ratings

    Thunder may only have been in SL for 1 year yet they won 19 of 30 and finished 6th of 14 teams. They provided 2 players (Matt Daylight & WIllie Peters) for the 1999 Dream Team XIII. In the process, they unearthed a winger called Brian Carney, had the joint leading try-scorer in Daylight and...
  7. KennySterling

    Happy Kayo Cancellation Day

    As any sensible person would.
  8. KennySterling


    Such a great, under-rated, modest player was Gene Miles. Saw him come to UK as a kid on 82 Roos tour and he was 4th choice centre behind Rogers, Meninga and Ella (and probably only toured cos Cronin declined) but you could see his class in midweek games with Emus. Four years later he was just...
  9. KennySterling

    2023 Rabbitohs Rumors, Signings and News

    Know-all tosser proven wrong again - you did when you signed Sammy though. Up yours.
  10. KennySterling

    2023 Rabbitohs Rumors, Signings and News

    Here you go smart-arse....propaganda ? 1 Wigan (Cup QF) L 12-14 18 June 2 Castleford (a) L 14-23 23 June 3 Leeds (H) L 6-22 29 June 4 St Helens (H) L 20-24 7 July 5 Wigan (a) L 12-26 14 July 6 bottom of the table Wakefield (a) L 6-42 30 July 7 Catalans (H) L 10-30 4 Aug 8 Leeds (a) L...
  11. KennySterling

    2023 Rabbitohs Rumors, Signings and News

    And he's not going to Warrington yet. They're an even bigger basket case than Souths having lost 8 in a row and in danger of missing the finals after being top of the table in May. What if he doesn't turn it around there, will Souths want him back as JD replacement ? Yet to prove himself as a...
  12. KennySterling


    Is Brent Read there to defend everyone always ? Never anyone's fault according to him.
  13. KennySterling

    Bullying in the media

    Never listened to the show since Maroon was bullied out of it. Karma got Kent and now just waiting for Hooper to fall the same way.
  14. KennySterling

    Steve Roach

    Just had a gutful of the bloke now. Seems to be on every other game for Fox these days - and gets no better. That whiny voice alone would be off-putting but then there's the endless dribble. Give us a break Fox.
  15. KennySterling

    2023 R23 Thu - Sydney 26-16 Manly @ SCG

    And also Blocker friggin Roach ? Am I the only one well weary at having to listen to his constant dribble with his overload of commentary games recently ? He really is a punish on the senses ! Is there really no one else, Fox ???
  16. KennySterling

    2023 R21 Fri - Souths 20-36 Brisbane @ Sunshine Coast

    As someone who saw and endured Klein's career start in England, I can say without hesitation that there is no other ref who can ruin a game quite like him. How the hell he has got to his position as no 1 in the NRL is utterly beyond me.
  17. KennySterling

    2023 R16 Sat - Newcastle 16-18 Sydney @ McDonald Jones

    Wish they'd invest in a mic' that works for the lovely Lara. Never heard a word she spoke throughout the game on the Watch NRL app.
  18. KennySterling


    It came across that way. So much so that he made creepy Crawley appear the sensible one.
  19. KennySterling

    NSW given every advantage fluff their opportunities.

    Yep Klein must be gutted all his hard work didn't pay off. NSW best on field.
  20. KennySterling


    Hearing that Kent's back on Monday. As someone currently overseas, has he been cleared of all charges then ?