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  1. AuckMel

    2017 Womens RLWC FINAL - AUS 23-16 NZL @ Brisbane

    The ptb penalties are a joke when they let players just throw the ball back between their legs.
  2. AuckMel

    World Cup 2017

    It’s been a fantastic game but there really has been some poor calls.
  3. AuckMel

    World Cup 2017

    Every single 50/50 call is going their way. Atrocious penalty for a great tackle.
  4. AuckMel

    2017 RLWC FINAL - AUS 6-0 ENG @ Brisbane

    Australia will win pretty comfortably in the end. Just didn't like the way England capitulated in the semi.
  5. AuckMel

    2017 RLWC - QF4 - ENG 36-6 PNG @ Melbourne

    Few more have come in so let’s hope it builds.
  6. AuckMel

    2017 RLWC - QF4 - ENG 36-6 PNG @ Melbourne

    At the game. Small crowd in. Should’ve been in PNG. English ref.
  7. AuckMel

    Kiwis vs Fiji - Quarter Finals

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Pitiful effort which will surely see Kidwell depart. We've gone backwards steadily over the last few years when it looked like we would become dominant. I guess one good thing is, we don't need to play Australia and England all the time now to get decent...
  8. AuckMel

    Kiwis v Tonga

    100% agree. Complete contrast to the 1st half.
  9. AuckMel

    Kiwis v Tonga

    Yea at the end of the day still got to beat the Aussies at some stage. Hopefully do it a week earlier.
  10. AuckMel

    Kiwis v Tonga

    Yep. These blokes, NRL refs, just have no consistency. Give me an English one any day of the week.
  11. AuckMel

    2017 RLWC - B - W3 - NZL 22-28 TON @ Hamilton

    I'm not sure how these blokes could even contemplate turning their backs on Tonga in the future after that. I don't think the Kiwis need them either.
  12. AuckMel

    Kiwis v Tonga

    Agreed. The amount of times players just roll the ball between their legs has become an epidemic.
  13. AuckMel

    2017 RLWC - B - W3 - NZL 22-28 TON @ Hamilton

    Great game. Well done Tonga. More of this in the future please.
  14. AuckMel

    Kiwis v Tonga

    Had them on toast with I thought was a perfect 1st half and then let them back into it. No issue with Tonga winning and reckon they deserved it in the end. Absolute shit call on Solomona at the PTB I thought really got them going. If you want to blow a PTB penalty arsehole, blow them all.
  15. AuckMel

    Tipping Comp. The Final.

  16. AuckMel

    Tipping Comp. Preliminary Finals

    Storm Roosters
  17. AuckMel

    Tipping Comp. Semi Finals.

    Panthers Cowboys
  18. AuckMel

    NRL 2017 TV RATINGS!

    Just another fantastic result for the Storm. The promotion for the Eels game on 9 was way down on the Raiders game the week prior.
  19. AuckMel

    Tipping Comp. Finals week 1.

    What the heck, been crap all year so all the away teams for me too.