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    Rusty and Sammy to lead $ouff$ back to the cellar

    With Creary and Reynolds off to other clubs and the huge signing of all players Nielson[another scumbag] 1 can only LOL@..... And buy the way Rusty, GI has already negotiated his new contract with another club[Waynes World]! Heard it here first Ya welfare dependants... No Club No culture!! :D
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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    Ropati thinks the looseness of the Warriors team even with their super signings requires an average player [Jeff Robson] to steady their ship.
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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    Canavan to titans big loss for Easts.
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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    Extended version;
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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    Cast your eye over this fella and tell me what you think. Be sure to watch it all.
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    Rusty and Sammy to lead $ouff$ back to the cellar

    You heard it here first..
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    Rumoured Signings
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    Who was The most influential player ever?

    Dally messenger for mine..
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    Willy For Grant?

    Mase on a 2 year deal for 180k a season + 3rd parties.. Not a bad pick up at all!!
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    Confirmed Signings

    Like Grothe the tooth pick smashed Hodges..
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    Is James Roberts the fastest man in NRL history?

    No !! Joe Burgess 1st followed by Shaun Johnson 2nd Then Roberts 3rd...
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    Hayne keen to team up with SBW

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    Redneck Redfaces 2

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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    Fast forwards will have the halves at 6's and 7's under the new rules, it'll get even worse in 2017. The Kassianno's and Eastwood's will struggle @ club level let alone the speed of rep footy, thought dezz was smarter than that? I guess we will wait and see.
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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    If I were coach... 2016 Raiders; 1 Sezer-Wighton-Austin 2 Waqa 3 Leilua 4 Croker 5 Wighton- Rapana- Ed Lee 6 Austin-Sezer 7 Williams-Sezer-Austin 8 Vaughan 9 Hodgson 10 Whitehead 11 Soliola 12 Papalii 13 Fensom 14 Baptiste 15 Boyd 16 Frank Paul 17 Kennedy That leaves Ed Lee, Clydsedale...
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    Where should Dugan play

    Madge has no other option unless Locke signs..
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    Rumoured Signings

    Kevin Locke is being sounded out around Redfern..
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    2016 Backline

    Ain't lookin to fowl Hayne Toupou SKD Ferguson Burgess Hastings Pearce Copley for back up..
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    Rumoured Signings

    I'm hearing Jennings to Parra! With Sheck, Maloney and Jennings gone Hayne will fit under the chooks cap with change for Cordners resigning..