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  1. lynx000

    2023 NRL GF - Sun 1 Oct - Penrith v Brisbane @ Accor

    FMD, so what, they also played in Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin and NZ. Hate to tell you this old mate, it is no longer the NSWRL. 12 games home and away, so straight away 12 games in Qld. Three other Qld teams, 15 games in Qld. The NRL has chosen to play Magic Round in Brisbane, therefore 16...
  2. lynx000

    2023 NRL GF - Sun 1 Oct - Penrith v Brisbane @ Accor

    And has nothing to do with Mundine.
  3. lynx000

    2023 NRL GF - Sun 1 Oct - Penrith v Brisbane @ Accor

    Two things, my apologies for interrupting your rant: 1. This is Mundine, I would take anything he says with a large industrial size grain of salt. I hope you are able to remember some of the utter BS that has come out of his mouth. 2. This was the Superleague year, I am not sure that there was...
  4. lynx000

    2023 NRL GF - Sun 1 Oct - Penrith v Brisbane @ Accor

    I completely agree, the most accurate analysis I have seen to date. Penrith should be, and are, deserved favourites, but we have the game that can beat them if we get a fair share of the 50/50 calls and watch our mistakes (youthful exuberance). I just hope the game is decided by the teams and...
  5. lynx000

    2023 PF Sat - Brisbane 42-12 Warriors @ Suncorp

    Andrew Webster and Tohu Harris, absolutely class acts the both of them. Congrats on a frankly sensational season, up the Wahs. I hope you have a fantastic year next year.
  6. lynx000

    2023 FW1 Fri - Brisbane 26-0 Melbourne @ Suncorp

    You are being a f**kwit, stop it.
  7. lynx000

    2023 Origin III - Wed 12 Jul - NSW 24-10 QLD @ Accor

    You would have to say that Matty Johns was completely on the money with what he said in the blow up with Joey. NSW don't know what style of game they want to play and hence do not get the selections right.
  8. lynx000

    Round 9 - Broncos vs Rabbitohs: Friday 28th April 8pm @Suncorp Stadium

    Really looking forward to this game. I hope it is a blockbuster that is decided by the two teams and not the ref.
  9. lynx000

    The Passion of the Kevin

    Just do us a favour and knock Storm out please.
  10. lynx000

    The Brad Arthur Myth...

    This might be the new black, get a bald coach. Hmmm, didn't work for Nathan Brown,
  11. lynx000

    2022 R24 Thu - Brisbane 6-53 Parramatta @ Suncorp

    Oh dear, poxronaids, that is problematic.
  12. lynx000

    2022 R24 Thu - Brisbane 6-53 Parramatta @ Suncorp

    Who is the important part of the spine being rested or benched??
  13. lynx000

    2022 R21 Thu - Sydney 34-16 Brisbane @ SCG

    That is a sensational idea. So, you can be sure the NRL will not do it.
  14. lynx000

    2022 R20 Sat - Brisbane 18-32 Wests Tigers @ Suncorp

    Well done to your boys, totally outplayed us. Hopefully it is the loss we needed to have rather than the start of a fade out.
  15. lynx000

    2022 R20 Fri - Warriors 12-24 Melbourne @ Mt Smart

    Fix is in here, the Warriors are getting shafted by this ref.
  16. lynx000

    Assistant Coaches Sacked

    I think you guys should have a crack at Josh Hannay, word is he is tactically great and a good coach.
  17. lynx000

    2022 R19 Sun - North Qld 27-26 Wests Tigers @ QLD Country Bank

    Clearly your eyes are painted on then.

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