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  1. redVinme

    Corey Norman

    On today's efforts I can agree. However old mate Norman also playing the short ball to him which was easily shut down as he's not really the size to be running that line unless there's actually a gap. Norman should have been giving him early ball. That said I'd be happy for Jack to play centre...
  2. redVinme

    Corey Norman

    Funnily enough Jack bird is the only player in our current team that's won a comp? Faarma may have played a few games in the years Sydney won but wasnt In a gf side. Jack clearly has a different mentality which is sorely lacking in our team.
  3. redVinme

    Corey Norman

    I just don't think milf has the drive to turn it around hey. He's still overweight and his major asset which was his agility is a thing of the past. Even if he only wanted 400k next year I'd still call it a negative asset. Imagine a coach wanting deaden, croft, gamble, Kelly and k hunt instead...
  4. redVinme

    Corey Norman

    If we get Milford now Im going to combust
  5. redVinme

    Blues Have To Find A Way To ...

    He is a weapon. I don't care if people think he's a wanker. He is only young but supremely talented. Here's hoping bud can be our J.L
  6. redVinme

    No team has ever won the premiership after conceding 50pts in a regular season match

    Bump. It's nearly the same right?
  7. redVinme

    Rating Freddy After 3 Seasons-

    Seems completely unnecessary. Least it wasn't half time on Anzac day.
  8. redVinme

    Round 13 v The Stone Poneys

    Classic Dufty. Rock now diamond
  9. redVinme


    Well he is only just playing against men for the first time and needs time. To adjust to not only the physicality of first grade but also the pressure. Better judges will know better but imo he is a special talent.
  10. redVinme

    Billy Smith

    Thought we had signed his incarnation. Damn. Well deserved though.
  11. redVinme


    Either would be gross.. And backwards for what we are trying to build. Sloan is the one. Big frame and glides like peachy.
  12. redVinme


    Its not shit news at 600k. 600k can get you a Lot.
  13. redVinme


    Don't think the narks will miss out in him after missing reynolds. They will be looking for a shot in the arm and to make a decent signing. They also have far more cap space than us I'd say.
  14. redVinme

    The Rumours Thread

    I hate the refs calling players by name... One thing yawnion does well..
  15. redVinme


    How could you not be when there jetskis waiting.
  16. redVinme


    Dw the 6 zeros are all before the one. Milward special
  17. redVinme

    Matt Dufty

    We don't see why hook sees at training. For all we know Sloan is ripping us apart in opposed sessions and he thinks he can get him to at least duffs level by next year with a higher ceiling. Same for Ramsey or even Schiller. I back hook to know how to work with what we have. If he thought we...
  18. redVinme

    Our backline 2022 and beyond

    Pretty sure it was dugan
  19. redVinme

    Round 11 v Sharks

    Poasa only had 4 runs for 35m in 49 mins tonight...
  20. redVinme

    Canterbury Cup and Jersey Flegg

    Thanks @Dragonslayer!