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    Rabbitohs v Tigers spoiler

    More so than usual. Sam Burgess high shots, running in, and kicking. George Burgess high shots Luke Burgess high shot Teo high shot. Goodwin high shot. The Neville who took a high shot on Pat Richards in the corner. One of the grubbiest displays from one of the grubbiest teams.
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    Minor Premiers 3rd or 4th favourites to win it?

    When was the last time the minor premiers were 3rd or 4th favourites to win the comp? Looks like it will happen with Canterbury and I can't remember it ever happening before.
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    Sean Hampstead Video Ref Blunders 1. Clear knock on by Inu, Hampstead awards a try. 2. Hinchcliffe crosses the line without any Storm players obstructing, Hampstead - No Try, claims there was...
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    Manly Are Likeable

    I think Manly are a very likeable club. They don't play dirty (Parramatta, Melbourne). They don't have feral supporters (Parramatta). They don't rort the salary cap (Melbourne, Brisbane). They did everything in their power to help the ARL (Damn you Super League). They don't have a...