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  1. Galeforce

    NRL Pathetic media

    We have some pathetic amateur media reporters in the NRL. Instead of focusing on the games , the players in teams , up coming players in development , announced transfers and signings ...........some think they need to get ahead of the pack and report on situations that are either made up or...
  2. Galeforce

    Origin scheduling

    When Origin started on Wednesday nights , players selected could play the weekend before and after.This was in line with prior historical NSW V QLD games ( based on where you were presently playing). Only after key injuries / consideration of player fatigue was the ban on chosen players not...
  3. Galeforce

    NRL future planning

    I have created this thread with the inclusion of a POLL on the number of rounds for future years. Regardless of your vote preference include any other issues and suggestions you think the NRL should be planning on. My own view 1) NRL must make plans now to make the game National by including...
  4. Galeforce

    NRL Season

    Some NRL players are stating there are too many games , trials , 9's , internationals ,State of Origin , city vs Country , 4 Nations , NRL season , trials etc. The NRL is looking at changing the game including the season . What would you like to see happen for the NRL season proper?
  5. Galeforce

    Hayne - the MOVIE

    A disney movie will be a foregone conclusion if Hayne makes it to an NFL starting team and runs on the field. The movie will be for US consumption mainly , so script and story will need some adjustments to appeal to wider US audience , who do not know Hayne's real story . Same with WW...
  6. Galeforce

    Bulldogs are grubs?

    How can a club continue to support Ennis as a captain ? If he is the leader , I feel sorry for any parents who support , or have children who support this club. If they have a grub as a captain , well what does it say for the club. What a leadership image he provides ? How to Bully , how...
  7. Galeforce

    Minor Premiership

    Recently Toovey made a comment that the Minor Premiership was undervalued by NRL. I totally agree that a Prize Money of just $100k for Minor Premiership does undervalue this achievement. This is the basic poll. Especially when it is possible that the Minor Premier fails to get to or win...
  8. Galeforce

    chris Grevsmuhl from Cowboys

    have read earlier rumour that Souths signed young backrower from cowboys. Chris Grevsmuhl has been in the last two u20 QLD origin teams and was a member of 2012 TYC team of year. I have seen no confirming information from Souths , however Cowboy forums are sure he has been lost ...
  9. Galeforce

    No to Fergo

    Hope we have spare money to afford a top class 3/4 , however we should not make any offer to Fergo , the No di$khead Policy must apply. Fergo is not wanted by the senior players at the Raiders , lets not allow his contamination within our team. His actions with Dugan early in the season and...
  10. Galeforce

    re-signing needed asap

    George B , will need COIN and Tom B on expectations of improvement next year will not be far behind. If Bulldogs needed $1m for Klemmer for 3 years , expect more interest in George. I will also be happy to hear that Walker has been locked up with either Centre or pivot in mind. Unless Keary is...
  11. Galeforce

    Souths team for Round 1 - unofficial

    wow after watching the game against STG , some really tough decisions for the coach. My team Inglis - easy Merritt - tough to drop Goodwin , however Merritt has more speed and may have scored 3 against STG. Farrell - showed enough and will be fitter Champion - was strong in defence Everingham...
  12. Galeforce

    Bulldogs should be the Sheepdogs

    Why? Their dependance on a BAR BA Their sheepish behaviour to the media , always wanting to be under the radar As a Rabbit fan, there can be no malice in this suggestion. A new mascot suggestion provided below ( ps reminds me of Tolman)
  13. Galeforce

    player movements

    at the Eels game , there was a farewell video which included Geddes retiring and of course Taylor and Eddy P. The above were known , however the farewell video also included the names Carr, McKinnon, Areaitti,Johnston and Judd. First i have heard on these players moving . Does anyone know...
  14. Galeforce

    Mission Impossible - 4 straight wins , a loss and life,5 wins to go?

    I am a diehard Souths supporter , always have been and always will be! The last three games have been wonderful and turned around a season which started with injury mixed with fitness concerns and inconsistancies in performance. we are where we are !! To make the finals will need some...
  15. Galeforce

    the good thing about last nite

    We played shite and won. is this a season beginning ? only if some brains and strategy added to the team. Sure the boys played hard , however we played so dumb . We need some brains and discipline into the team quick smart to take account of the heart in some of our players. Sandow great...
  16. Galeforce

    worst first half of the season from Souths

    Poorest form from Souths i have seen for a long long long time. Sutton worst i have ever seen from him poor kicking from Sutton and Sandow poor ball control from kicks including the kickoff On that form , Souths do not deserve to be even a chance for finals this year. As for Sharks ...
  17. Galeforce

    charity trial

    some flashes , best news NO injuries and we treated it as a trial and rested players across the field . Problems for Lang Fullback -- Wesser , whilst OK may not be a premiership winning fullback now. As for Webster , he does not have the defence nor have i seen the heart for defence. for mine...
  18. Galeforce

    SBW = no salary cap in 2012

    could this be true? possible only if new NRL leadership discards the current restrictive salary caps , which is possible once new TV rights are closed. Do we need a SBW?well yes for an All Star team , however not sure we need another backrower in the current team. Crowe sets his sights on...
  19. Galeforce

    Significant Salary cap increase by end of 2011

    the following rumour is laughable under current salary cap . however given Rusty success to close audacious rumours i.e. Asotasi, Taylor, Burgess and then Inglis , i cannot dismiss the possibility of Rusty courting SBW. Could only be achieved if the new NRL leadership significantly changed...
  20. Galeforce

    Is Hac right ? roosters poor promotion of away games

    I read HACs accusation that the Roosters management were not promoting the friday game.My initial reaction was that HAC may have been going "over the top ", to continue the adverserial build up of the game.However i went and checked the Rooster website. The only referecence to the game was...