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  1. Rosetta

    Napa sin bin

    Ofcourse he wasn't charged, Sims was the reason the head clash even happened by shifting his position as contact was about to occur, accidents happen and the referees overreacted - nothing new.
  2. Rosetta

    Napa sin bin

    The slowmo's and still shots are absolutely pointless - Sims changes his angle and compacts his frame just before contact - without doing this Napa's head is to the right of his upper body and he gets tackled across the top of his chest. Whilst Napa's technique at times can let him down there...
  3. Rosetta

    2017 Qual Final, Fri - Roosters 24-22 Broncos @ Allianz

    If this Roosters mob were from Pakistan they would be investigated, very suss.
  4. Rosetta

    2017 R6 Thu - Broncos 32-8 Roosters @ Suncorp

    If this Roosters mob played out of Pakistan they would be investigated.
  5. Rosetta

    Our radio rights dream dashed for the moment.

    2018. The NRL need to scrap exclusive radio rights, it's a dud. Use a shared revenue/access fee system and let the radio networks go wild, the new digital radio network EON Sports do a great job with the A-League and NBL, I'm sure they'd dip their toes in if given the chance.
  6. Rosetta

    NSW Organised Crime Squad Investigating alleged NRL Match-Fixing

    The building NSW Police need to raid is in Eveleigh, it will crack the case wide open!
  7. Rosetta

    2016 Match Review Committee / Judiciary

    Starting to look more and more like this was a manufactured story from NRL to control the media narrative and take it away from the aerial ping-pong that's on in Sydney this weekend. Back pages like this are perfect, don't be surprised if they try and push the judiciary hearing back a day or two...
  8. Rosetta

    NSW Organised Crime Squad Investigating alleged NRL Match-Fixing

    Match from Round 7 this year according to Sky.
  9. Rosetta

    '16 | R10 | Mon | GLD 26-6 SYD | Cbus Super

    Incredible, try since 1908....until today.
  10. Rosetta

    The Bunker

    $20k fines for any coach that hurts the feelings of The Bunker™ now in effect. Poor diddums.
  11. Rosetta

    The SCG as an NRL ground

    It's tough to base it on yesterday, bludger of a day which lead to no atmosphere, also probably a bit early on in the season for it to really feel like it mattered much. The Dragons v Roosters match in 2010 in front of 40,000 in perfect winter sunlight (what was it like round 20-22?) was the...
  12. Rosetta

    organised crime and juice of the elephant pt V

    When 2 narcissists like Hird and Dank get together only bad things can happen, Dank was clearly using the players as guinea pigs and Hird just wanted to keep winning no matter what so demanded the players kept taking whatever Dank offered. The players really should have stood up to these 2 but...
  13. Rosetta

    How NRL Clubs Lost A Staggering $42.7 Million

    These figures are once again pointless, some clubs don't even run all their expenses through the FC balance sheets for starters, one of the "profitable" clubs for example pay their coaching staff (and some of their top administrators) via the owners through an account that is not funded by FC...
  14. Rosetta

    organised crime and juice of the elephant pt V

    Sharks fans had every right to think it was a conspiracy at the time, there were deals being worked left, right and centre for the Bombers by Vlad and his mate Lundy. If Dave Smith (and the Sydney media) didn't expose that bullshit they (and our game) would have been stitched up deluxe and been...
  15. Rosetta

    organised crime and juice of the elephant pt V

    How long has CAS suggested Hird be banned? Surely 10 years minimum for him.
  16. Rosetta

    Next TV rights deal part 2

    This clown from Nein starts off by saying he's off to the cricket.......SERIOUSLY. What a dope.
  17. Rosetta

    Next TV rights deal part 2

    Grant looks deflated, not very convincing tbh.
  18. Rosetta

    Next TV rights deal part 2

    Yeah Nine appear to be the winners BUT they've lost exclusivity of everything bar SOO and Finals(?) so understandable they are paying less.
  19. Rosetta

    Finally getting FTA footy in HD!

    Well the channel has launched and one of my TV's doesn't even support the codec they are using, FFS.....haven't checked the others yet. This is bullshit.
  20. Rosetta

    Next TV rights deal part 2

    Weedler says the announcement is tomorrow.