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  1. coolumsharkie

    OT: Commentator quote of the week

    Blocker has clangers in him for sure but for some reason I like him. Maybe it's his old school way he sees the game. He likes the Sharkies also I think.
  2. coolumsharkie

    2021 other games...

    You got to wonder if McGuire will have a job next week?
  3. coolumsharkie

    2021 R15 Sat - Melbourne 66-16 Wests Tigers @ Sunshine Coast

    When was the last time a team conceded 40+ in a half in FG?
  4. coolumsharkie

    3-2-1 vs cows

    Will Kennedy Tolman Johnson
  5. coolumsharkie

    Johnson or Moylan..?

    I felt the same but he came good and showed what he could/can do.
  6. coolumsharkie

    Tevita P Jnr...

    Lodge terrorised a child, there is no amount of f**k offs that can be overstated with that merkin.
  7. coolumsharkie

    Tevita P Jnr...

    Thats what Im finken, get him this year and work out the kinks.
  8. coolumsharkie

    Tevita P Jnr...

    Certainly was a clanger, adding to the perpetual downward spiral. You know the old saying... When you're down everyone wants to...
  9. coolumsharkie

    Johnson or Moylan..?

    Before his injury he was the/or one of the best HB's in the comp. I'm absolutely gobsmacked that we are letting him walk for fk all! So Fitzy signs on, sacrifices a year next year, plus this year is on the clubs back so wde can wait to see what he brings to the squad if at all. It's a big...
  10. coolumsharkie

    Tevita P Jnr...

    Should we throw him a biscuit? I mean he's a monster, could he be moulded into our squad? Personally the scene is toxic in Brisvegas so I'd bet that we could get some value. Thoughts?
  11. coolumsharkie

    Johnson or Moylan..?

    Trash SJ for Trindall, noice. Might as well start off on the wrong Cronullafied foot then.
  12. coolumsharkie

    Johnson or Moylan..?

    That's the first I've heard of that, I thought they dumped him because he was shit. Which he proved by being dropped at the Dogs,
  13. coolumsharkie

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    And the crowd goes mild.
  14. coolumsharkie

    Beanies on avatars

    If you wave the cursor over one of them it shows a pop up.
  15. coolumsharkie

    2021 other games...

    Geez Dufty stank it up big time. When he keeps his one trick in his pony bag, he really is rank. Soft AF forwards got rolled over by the Dogs all night. More of that please.
  16. coolumsharkie

    Please don't accuse me of shyte stirring

    Panthers reggies all played FG too
  17. coolumsharkie

    2021 other games...

    Another boring blowout game.