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  1. GC Dragon

    Dragons girls are into the grand final

    Totally agree Samy . If we can match there forwards we have the backs to really capitalize . Haven't said that about a Dragons team for a while .
  2. GC Dragon

    Dragons girls are into the grand final

    100% agree well said . I want to congratulate Jess Sergis on her Dally M win . Had the pleasure of meeting her and she is a absolute little champion both on and off the field . My favorite Dragons player ( men or women ) and in my opinion our clubs best player . All the best for the Grand Final...
  3. GC Dragon

    Sean wane

    Mary has been very clever bringing his mate Gus in to do this so called independent review . What will happen is assistant coaches , high performance staff and players will cop the brunt of the blame . They will be the ones to pay the penalty for a completely inept head coach . Mary by doing...
  4. GC Dragon

    James Graham

    He did support his coach but most media didn't report on the fact he did say that fans have a right to there banners . He actually went against the club on that which I give him credit for . As far as Kent saying we cant win every year . We have won one premiership in the last 40 years . Us...
  5. GC Dragon

    Centre of Excellence - Whats doing ???

    We have our own unique centre . Ours is called " The Centre Of Mediocrity " .
  6. GC Dragon

    Patrick Kaufusi confirmed

    I thought that was a strange quote as well . Until I remembered Millwards reason for signing Allgood for another season.. I quote " He almost played first grade last season " . We are certainly in good hands .
  7. GC Dragon

    Round 14 vs Sea Eagles

    He would be better than Maranta . Pereira came down as a centre . He played all his football there until he was moved to the wing by us . I think he may play centre . If not it could well be Jacob Host . Maranta isn't even reserve grade standard ….Even Mary couldn't be that stupid .
  8. GC Dragon

    3-2-1 vs Dogs

    Yeap X2 for me as well . Exactly how I seen it .
  9. GC Dragon


    The fact is we have 4 genuine Reserve grade wingers , The worst in the NRL to choose from . Last year BMoz , Ferguson and Oates were on the market and we ended up with what we have . When we let BMoz go he was still as good as any in the world and to this day have never come close to replacing...
  10. GC Dragon

    Ben Hunt

    The key for me was Hunt playing direct and digging into the line instead of running sideways . It created so much more room for our outside backs . Norman did most of the talking and directing yesterday which really suits Hunt . Widdop is more of a individual player and says very little on the...
  11. GC Dragon

    Jdb case

    Beatie is the biggest mistake in NRL history ..Period !
  12. GC Dragon

    Reece Robson Leaving

    I agree . I would swap Lomax and Aitken . Lomax will just sit on the bench like Mann did as a reserve back and be a waste most of the time . Aitken could be used as a bit of a weapon running at tired middle forwards late in a half . His power running game would suit that and his front on defence...
  13. GC Dragon

    Round 4 vs Knights

    OT your up pretty late mate . The only part of your post I disagree with is " He more than often errs on the side of seniority " ... He always errs on the side of seniority . Aitken himself only got a start because Dane Nielson stuffed up in a club and got sacked . Otherwise he would have been...
  14. GC Dragon

    Should Mary's Contract Be Extended For another 3 Year Term?

    Totally agree . It's Mary's sixth year coaching us . In that time we have won one finals game . If that's the level the bar is set at any of us on here could coach the Dragons .
  15. GC Dragon

    321 Dragons v Broncos

    3 McInnes 2 Host 1 Hunt Really impressed with Jacob Host this year . Injury free and playing 80 mins will really get him match fit . Hope that edge position is his now going forward .
  16. GC Dragon

    Tevita Pangai Junior off contract.

    I would be going after Corey Oates for next year . We are in desperate need of a quality rep level winger .
  17. GC Dragon

    Josh Kerr

    Agree it isn't good enough but both he and Host are natural left side backrowers playing on the right . With Sims preferred side being the right and all the problems we have with our right side I don't get why Mary doesn't play them on there preferred sides .
  18. GC Dragon

    Saints spine

    The way things look I would be happy with a spine of 1. Dufty 6.Widdop 7.Field 9.McIness / Robson . With both Norman and Hunt in reserve grade . I have defended both at times but neither look like they could lead a horse to water . A 2 million dollar black hole .
  19. GC Dragon

    for your consideration: coach Justin Holbrook

    I like Adam O'Brien as well . Done his apprenticeship under Bellamy like a lot of good coaches have . And now at the Roosters under Robinson so he has been around the best coaches and teams . A few years ago Matt Johns said O'Brien and Seibold could be the most in demand coaches of the future...
  20. GC Dragon

    Round 2 vs Souths

    Interesting that Souths like the Cowboys are going with 4 forwards on the bench . Our coach will never learn .