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    Channel 7 grab 2017 World Cup rights
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    Not Guilty .
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    kremmer not charged for kung fu kick

    The review panel are at it again not charging Klemmer after deliberate kick-out at an opposing player. 90% of his hit ups on Friday he attempted to cork opposing players thighs with lifting knees.
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    2nd tier salary cap

    Clarifcation of the 2nd tier salary cap. The total is $440,000 10 -15 players per club being paid between $20,000 & $30,000 + jobs Say the base pay for all the players is a total of $250,000 against the cap, leaving $190,000 for bonus payments if player(s) are selected for the NRL...
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    2014 NYC Squad

    Roosters NYC Squad Danny Allende Tyler Cornish Addison Demetroiu Brad Deitz Jokatama Dokonivalu Brendan Elliot Lino Fenukitau Grant Garvey Jack Goodesell Jackson Hastings Joedie Hedges Tom Leota Vincent Leuluai Jake Lewis Alex Lyons Nene Mcdonald Mitch Mammery Nicholas Mastrodemenico Louis...
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    Prizemoney for finalist

    Does anyone know if or how much each of the finalist recieve ?
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    Stadium Upgrade

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    Foundation Cup

    A preseason game at the SFS between the Roosters and the West Tigers will be on Saturday the 17th Feb called the Foundation Cup. It is expected to be an annual event.

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